AAU state wrestling tournament results

Often, many colleges and universities in the United States will compete with their teams in what is known as a tournament. In the tournament, eight, 16, 32, 64, 75, or more individual wrestlers/teams can compete in each bracket. This allows many schools to establish their classification, not only for the individual estudiantes-luchadores, but also for College and university teams of wrestling as a whole.

A tournament Committee usually administers the event and after have verified that individual entries and team officials then determine the order of matches by some media.

Tournament officials to make this drawing takes into account the history of each fighter’s victories and defeats, the previous tournament placements, and other factors that indicate the ability of the fighter.

With this in mind, the wrestlers who are noted to have the most superior records are bracketed for two top fighters better classified in each weight class do not compete with each other in a first round. This is called seeding.

I’m going to recommend page http://www.aauwrestling.net/Results.aspx where can see tournaments and results of different 2014 aau district 5 iowa wrestling results competitions and tournaments that are held among schools results and schedule of fights are files pdf .
iowa aau state wrestling results 2014 for Wrestling tournament results

  1. AAU Elementary School Duals
  2. AAU Folkstyle World Championships
  3. AAU Frosh-Soph National Duals
  4. AAU Grand Nationals
  5. AAU Ironman World Championships
  6. AAU Junior Olympic Games
  7. AAU Lee Pamulak Middle School Duals
  8. AAU Scholastic Duals
  9. AAU Spring Youth Nationals
  10. AAU Winter Youth Nationals


Tournaments are often sponsored by a college or University and are usually carried out on Friday, Saturday, Sunday or any envelope for two days on the weekend. Admission is often charged to cover costs and make a small profit for the host.


The tournament begins with weigh of starting two hours or less before competition begins the first day or one hour or less before competitions begins on a day. A subsidy of one pound is granted for each subsequent day of the tournament.

With the drawing and weigh-in completed, wrestlers then compete in two brackets in each of the 10 weight classes. If there are enough wrestlers to fill the bracket in a weight class, a week off will be awarded to a wrestler who does not have to compete against another wrestler in his pairing. After taking into account the number of exempt, the first round in each weight class then begins.

Most of the College Wrestling tournaments are in double-elimination format. The last two wrestlers in the top bracket fighting for the top spot in the final, with the loser winning second place. In other words, a wrestler can not placed top third if it is knocked down in the lower bracket after losing in the semifinals of the Championship.

This is in large part the result of the lack of time: one-day tournaments usually last until the evening. If the winner of bracket fight-back were allowed to challenge the winner of the Championship in the Championship bracket, the tournament could continue until last midnight before finishing. [banner_abajo]

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