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Many users ask me how I can enter kelly staffing kass login. doing an investigation there is two pages where one can visit kass login kelly services both are the same page with different design but in the end are one same here leave you the link so you can go directly to your account. another of the questions most requested is kelly educational staffing phone number for any questions regarding your questions.

but for new users, I’ll talk to them about kelly educational staffing substitute teachers

It is the largest supplier of substitute teachers in the country that provides a full service, helping you save on costs of placement and handling of substitute teachers We can even help with the management and placement of your non-educational staff such as office clerical, administrative, food service, janitors, school nurses … you name it, our staffing services cover it.

Kelly Educational Staffing provides costs savings allowing you to focus on what’s important—your teachers, your students, and even the community. Kelly Educational Staffing has proudly provided staffing placement to schools since 1997 with 100% success improving substitute placement rates in all our partner districts. With our solutions, everyone wins:
kelly services kass log in and Kelly Automated Scheduling System

Kelly educational services kass login

With our substitute management solutions, Kelly Educational Staffing provides school districts with real budget savings opportunities as well as gains in operational efficiency. This means immediate hard and soft cost savings for you. For Login Click Here


Since 1997, Kelly Educational Staffing has been providing workforce solutions to meet the challenges of thousands of schools across the United States. To date, over a quarter billion student learning days have been taught by a Kelly Educational Staffing substitute teacher.


Kelly Educational Staffing understands the challenges you face every day

  1. Reduce costs and create efficiencies in your neighborhood
  2. Steadily filled with lack of qualified substitute teachers to maintain the integrity of your learning environment
  3. Meeting mandates and expectations with fewer resources
  4. Maintain the morale of the staff in case of relentless pressure
  5. Keep students and parents engaged and satisfied

We can help. Our customers experience real cost savings opportunities.

  1. Robust, real-time data leading to a reduction of absenteeism
  2. Grant recovery dollars through a sophisticated Fund monitoring/code
  3. Transfer of additional costs for those of us who are associated with replacing the management of employees, beyond payroll-how
  4. administration staff salaries, advertising, services, rental costs, selection, training, guidance and more

kelly educational staffing phone number For media and investor relations inquiries, contact:
Kelly Corporate Headquarters
999 West Big Beaver Road
Troy, MI (USA) 48084-4782
Phone: 248-362-4444
E-mail: [email protected]

Why should I choose Kelly Educational Staffing for my district’s staffing needs?
Our goal is simple: to help you put all your time, resources, and money into what matters most—your students. We take care of the time-intensive processes involved in recruiting, screening, hiring, training, scheduling and managing personnel.

What kind of training do Kelly Educational Staffing employees receive?
All Kelly Educational Staffing employees must complete a thorough training and orientation session before entering the school environment. This includes:

  1. A professional training program created in partnership with EDTRAININGCENTER on classroom management techniques and teaching strategies
  2. Paid training on employment and district policies and procedures
  3. A review of topics such as classroom management techniques, teaching strategies, professionalism and ethics, and legal and health related issues
  4. A variety of web-based educational training and professional development courses via the Kelly Learning Center along with other free software training
  5. For more information, visit our training page


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