Ohio state football recruiting 2015 rumors

LeBron James announced his return to the Cleveland Cavaliers, Ohio State head coach, Urban Meyer made an open invitation for the mega star of the NBA to attend any game for the Buckeyes.

ohio state recruiting rumors It turns out that Urban Meyer, head coach of the Ohio State Buckeyes football team, has said that it wants to that LeBron is in the side in all games of the team at home, whose headquarters are located in Columbus, and as you know, the College football games are held mainly on Saturday.

The team will host seven games at Ohio Stadium this season in 2015.

Meyer said that the letter from King James with the Cavaliers return caused a very positive impact on the community, especially the part of belonging to the northeast of the State of Ohio

The idea of Meyer is round: want that the simple presence of James, which is no small thing, serve as a booster to make college easier when it comes to recruiting the best talent from the football schools. Though honestly, the prestige he enjoyed by Ohio State is so great that even without LBJ, now with the help of two-time champion of the NBA, the attraction will be higher for the Piarist who are on the radar of the Buckeyes.


James missed his fifth game on Sunday and Brazilian Center Anderson Varejao will miss the rest of the season after suffering a torn Achilles tendon. In addition, the Kyrie Irving base not may come to Philadelphia due to a medical condition on his back which forced him out for the third quarter Sunday.


LeBron went to Miami. He won two titles and became the best basketball player on the planet. He silenced the critics with Championships. Married to the mother of his children and built a life together in the South of Florida. But a small part of it always remained in Ohio.

Not got rid of his home in Akron. He started a foundation to help the children of the city and promised that it would help them until they grew up. If they are missing a day to school, often receive a call from “Mr. LeBron”.

The place also gave it back. True, some fans burned their shirts and cursed his name. They destroyed their billboards and painted on murals. But that was how they expressed their pain. LeBron is not the first boy of the rust belt that moves to a city with a warmer climate and more starry nights. Most returns only for vacations or attend funerals.

But LeBron return again and again. In any case, he threw deep roots in this place when he went to Miami. He preferred to spend his summers in Akron instead of the beach. He built a nearby office and came to work during the holidays. He trained at his old high school, St. Vincent-St. Mary.

Jones was again with LeBron this week, when the latter took the decision to return. After four consecutive finishes of the NBA with the Heat, the whole world turned to surprise as when it announced that it would go away from Cleveland. But this time was a simple decision. I knew that it was the right thing. [banner_abajo]

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