Pldt dsl default username and password

PLDT Home Fiber ONU Default login details If you do not remember the WEP key of your DSL router or just do not remember how to access the configuration page, all is not lost. Retrieve a modem DSL/router configuration information, including the security key, it is easy and does not even require using the home modem software. If you have forgotten your personal password to access the router configuration page, the process is a little more difficult.

Open a Web browser and type the exact number of the gateway in the address bar by default. He is prompted for a user name and pldt fibr modem default password. If you have never changed this information, the default value for most routers is “adminpldt” as user name and “password” as the password. Some older routers use “1234567890” as the password.

Pldt dsl default username and password

Resets the modem factory defaults to retrieve the user name and password. The method for doing this varies depending on the manufacturer. Check the instructions of your modem. Most routers and modems have a reset button on the back that you have to press with the tip of a pen or a paper clip.

Open an Internet browser and type the default IP address of the gateway. When prompted you for a user name and password, type “adminpldt” (Administrator) and “1234567890” (password) or refer to the instructions of the manufacturer in relation to login by default. Given that you need to restore the router to factory defaults, you will have to enter your DSL account information, set up a WEP key, and make other changes to restore the setting you had before the reset.


It is recommended that you think or change the password by default on your wireless network to Lake that is difficult to guess. A simple password can be guessed or crackearse, and users can steal bandwidth or access other computers in your network.


How to find the password of a modem A Wi-Fi allows users to access and browse the Internet from almost anywhere within range of a wireless router or a modem. This type of connections are preferable to those that are made by cable and less annoying for people who have to be moving. However, all good home network is secured with a pldt fibr wifi password so that only certain people can use it. Sometimes, a modem or router may come with a default password that is needed to access the Internet. You can usually find them in different places.

You are looking for on the outside of your own modem. Many modems will have a sticker with sets of numbers and letters. One of them is the default wireless network password and is usually written in the same sticker.

Check the manual that came with the modem. Sometimes, the password will be displayed on the inside of the manual, or if not, tell you where to find the password in your own modem.

Test with a password by default for the brand of modem. For example, “admin” or “password”. These are common in many types of modems passwords, but they are not created to be permanent. [banner_abajo]