Weather between two locations

There are many ways to stay abreast of climate in Android, as Google Now, widgets, notifications and mobile applications.

advisable to consult the weather forecast, before leaving to do extreme activities, is also good advice before any plan vacation or weekend trip. And more now, since with new applications of weather forecast of mobile phones, thanks to its high precision, scheduling outdoor activities may narrow the most

We will make a review of the range of applications, some already known, others that perhaps you should know, that any day caught you by surprise the lack of umbrella or sunscreen.

Driving weather forecast between two locations Aplications
Here we bring you a list of the best Android apps to know the time, where we will take a look at applications such as The Weather Channel, Animated Weather Widget/Clock, Yahoo! Weather, 3D Digital Weather Clock, The Weather Network, Weather Map, Weather Pixelspore, Weather widgets by, Blue Dragon Weather Widget, AccuWeather, and WeatherBug.

Weather between two locations

what is the weather between 2 locations I have known this site where you can buy the climate in several countries at the same time, highly recommended for travellers or workers who make trips every day and need to know the weather of your trip.


When it comes to take advantage of the good weather we have two options. The first is to give a kick to your phone, with which we do not here have. The second may be more useful, trying to see how applications can help make the most. Today we will give an overview for the 5 best applications of time on Android.


As you know, there are hundreds of applications of all kinds in Google Play, which is not always good at the time to find the best. We we set in which are the most useful, with more and better information, but also the best designed and integrated by selecting the most practical to ensure you get that good time with Android.

AccuWeather It is certainly the most famous time tracking application on Android. It would be rare even that not have used it before in any of its forms, since they are the architects of a handful of manufacturers time widgets. AccuWeather interface isn’t very nothing beyond, although it is is very intuitive and clear, showing information tab depending on the location or the update period (hourly or daily). It has a Pro version which removes advertising and adds some features.
Google play | AccuWeather

Eye in Sky Weather is another famous that we talked about before. With a more simple, minimalist and black design, we can scroll through the weather forecast every day, or view a summary of the daily time in the next 15 days as a list. While it is true that there time graphics, although with customizable widgets, can encourage us (or not) to purchase the Pro version and get rid of the advertising.
Google play | Eye in Sky Weather

Yahoo Weathera great application that has redesigned this past summer. A very visual and animated interface (which reminds us of iOS 7) at various points as hours of Sun, atmospheric pressure, or maps of clouds that other applications do not have. All this with a selection of images taken in places where we have adjusted our weather forecast.
Google play | Yahoo Weather

Weather Channel It is another successful application based on elements type card with basic information that we can expand by clicking on them. It offers us a weather map that overlay temperature, clouds or wind, among other options. Available Widgets,
Google play | Weather Channel

1Weather is a very complete and quick time application with lots of animations and customizable widgets. We have access to maps of rainfall and graphics of all kinds.
Google play | 1Weather [banner_abajo]

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