Wells fargo dealer services reference error code 7

If you were looking for wells fargo reference error code 7 I’m going to recommend you as a priority not to download anything with reference to the error, you could compromise the security of your pc by making case to programs or services that promise to solve the problem of wells fargo dealer services error code 7 reference, I have reviewed all the web concerning the problem and let me tell you that I found valuable information for you, in the pages that I have visited many asked what does account code 7 mean with wells fargo dealer services many gave their answers to the question.

but the best given answer was the more logical that is It means call them and ask whats wrong.

then I will get the answers more relevant to what you are looking, remember any problem is best to call officer before being installed programs that promise to fix it, well go to the replies


Wells Fargo Dealer Services 15750 Alton Pkwy Irvine, CA 92618 (949) 754-7001


In years past, I had banked with Wells Fargo and left them because they were so awful. When I bought my car, the dealer got me financed with Wells Fargo so I thought I’d give it a try.. HATE THEM!!! I went on a medical leave and called ahead to see if I could make arrangements to defer a payment – never a problem with Ford Credit. I was told – sorry, you haven’t made 12 payments so we can’t help you – you’ve only made 10. I asked if there was anything I could do and they offered no solutions. Um ok – I’m trying to be proactive here. I went into the website to schedule payments. The site kept giving me an error message indicating that I needed to call an 800 number and give them “error code 7”. When I called the 800 number is it was a SCAM for “winning” a 2-day cruise to the Bahamas! Seriously?! I called the number again and got the same thing!!

I finally called the number left at work AND on my cell phone this morning. The first thing the agent says to me is “your balance is XXX – how will you be paying that today???”

I explained to him that I was trying to get assistance and told him about the website. He told me that I’ve been “locked out” of the website. I told him I would make payment arrangements for today and next Friday. THEN he tells me that he can’t take my payment over the phone and that I either have to go to a branch or through Western UNION! Seriously?! He then gives me explicit instructions on how to make the payment at the branch because “not everyone knows how to post a payment in the branch” and this could cause all kinds of havoc with my account. Have I not had enough havoc already? I will be looking for another company with which to refi my loan. I did tell the guy that they have the WORST service I have ever had in my 30+ years of owning a vehicle. I didn’t get the impression he was listening. Stay as far away from these idiots as you can! [banner_abajo]

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