Atlas shippers international inc tracking

In this topic I’ll explain the use of the international packages with code atlas shippers tracking or tracking number. I am aware that many members already know this procedure, but I am focused on those users who don’t know to do the same or have the same doubts.

The tracking number or tracking code is an alphanumeric code of universal use, composed of characters that is registered to a package during shipment.

Atlas shippers tracking web Page

Atlas shippers international inc tracking

Well follow the 2 steps simple apara enter and track your shipment

  1. Enter the following address in the browser
  2. The next thing to do is to enter your shipping information or rather number tracking

Customer Service
Questions regarding status of your box or any other concerns regarding our services. Please note: Have your invoice number ready for easy access of your box status.

Atlas Shippers U.S. Main Office
Follow-up status of boxes for delivery to Covina
1011 East Edna Place,
Covina, CA 91724
Phone: 1-626-858-9662
Fax: 1-626-332-2054


The freight forwarders must be registered to legal representatives or representatives to receive notifications and lawsuits in each State that operate to the FMCSA. There are law firms that have offices in several States which can be hired for that use in each of the States requiring. The agents or legal representatives must be registered with the FMCSA using the BOC-3 form, which has spaces provided on the form for each State.


Requirements to start a business freight forwarder

The freight shipping plays a vital role in the business. Manufacturing plants require receive its raw material and finished products that are sold in stores are transported there.

The freight forwarders are clearly an essential part of the freight transportation industry. His main contribution is the solve problems both the user and the carrier; resolves the user any problem linked to the carriage of your cargo, including in some cases assistance with everything related to tax and customs, insurance and collection of products or procurement documents or payments, and get load carriers.

The rotation of the freight forwarder in the United States it is regulated and controlled by the United States Department of transportation and requires that the latter authorize him its license to operate as a freight forwarder
(Freight Broker) or re-mailer of cargo (Freight Forwarder).

USDOT number
Before that nothing must apply for a USDOT number with the Department of transportation. Although not specifically required to become a freight forwarder, this number is required to complete the application through the Federal safety of motor carrier Administration (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

Freight forwarder authority
The authority of agent charge or “Broker Authority” is a license provided by FMCSA to persons or undertakings which authorizes to act as freight forwarders.

The authority is requested by filling out the form OP-1 MFCSA and selecting the option to “broker of property”. This form requires the contact details of the person or company and the USDOT number. There is a charge for $300, which must accompany the application.

Bond or trust
The bond or trust acts as insurance to ensure that transport companies will be paid for their services contracted by the freight forwarder. [banner_abajo]