Atlas Shippers International inc Tracking

Atlas shippers international inc tracking , In this topic I’ll explain the use of the international packages with code atlas shippers tracking or tracking number. I am aware that many members already know this procedure, but I am focused on those users who don’t know to do the same or have the same doubts.

The tracking number or tracking code is an alphanumeric code of universal use, composed of characters that is registered to a package during shipment. The Atlas Shippers tracking feature, the tool located at the bottom of the page gives you updates on shipping with a single click. A tool designed to offer speed, simplicity and practicality.Atlas shippers international inc tracking

Atlas Shippers INC is available in Android from Google Play where we can also make the consultation of the shipments with tracking number in real time showing all the information regarding the national shipping or Internacionalasi as estimated time of arrival.

How to track shipment from Atlas shippers international Inc

    1. Enter the following address in the browser
    2. The next thing to do is to enter your shipping information or rather number tracking

If you want to track the shipments from the phone you recomeindo download the app Atlas shippers.

Atlas Shippers Inc - Invoice T
Atlas Shippers Inc - Invoice T
Developer: Unknown
Price: To be announced

Customer Service

Questions regarding status of your box or any other concerns regarding our services. Please note: Have your invoice number ready for easy access of your box status.

Atlas Shippers U.S. Main Office
Follow-up status of boxes for delivery to Covina
1011 East Edna Place,
Covina, CA 91724
Phone: 1-626-858-9662
Fax: 1-626-332-2054
E-mail: [email protected]

The freight forwarders must be registered to legal representatives or representatives to receive notifications and lawsuits in each State that operate to the FMCSA. There are law firms that have offices in several States which can be hired for that use in each of the States requiring. The agents or legal representatives must be registered with the FMCSA using the BOC-3 form, which has spaces provided on the form for each State.

How to choose a good international freight agent

The cargo agent meets the importer and exporter any problems related to the transport, consolidation, storage, handling, packing or distribution of products; As well as ancillary and advisory services involved, including but not limited to those related to tax and customs matters, declarations and goods for official purposes, securing of products and collection or solicitation of payments or Goods-related documents.

Basically, the agent functions as an intermediary between the company and the carriers, and their responsibilities include:

  1. Make sure the goods arrive full and on time.
  2. Ensure that the products are delivered with the agreed quality.
  3. Maintain control and follow-up of shipments during their journey.
  4. Analyze and mitigate the potential risks to which carriers and merchandise are exposed.
  5. Design contingency plans for possible crises.
  6. To have extensive knowledge of customs procedures and tariffs to ensure that customs clearances and surveys are carried out quickly and smoothly.
  7. That the cargo agent is legally constituted and duly installed; With experience in the field of international trade to provide efficient and reliable services.
  8. To evaluate the availability of the cargo agent, that is to say, if it is always accessible for emergencies or eventual decisions that are required to be taken.
  9. The freight agent as any respectable professional must be properly trained and updated in your information, well related to your professional environment to obtain and offer the best connections, offers and services that the market offers.
  10. Comparing peer-to-peer load agents the services they offer are an effective way to assess the quality of the service being received immediately; Request recommendations on positive experiences.

It is advisable to know the means of transport available for a certain market, in order to calculate the costs and prices, to schedule the production and its expeditions, and as a consequence to select the most advantageous way.

In the event of unexpected problems, the agent is responsible for identifying and solving them correctly without any inconvenience to you, the customer. In general the role of the agent can involve the management of documents, customs clearance, delivery of the cargo or even a combination of all of these. The responsibilities of the agent vary in each case and depend enormously on the conditions of each shipment.

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