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Most of the buyers of cars need some type of financing to buy a new vehicle. Many use the direct loans, that is to say, a loan of a financial company, bank or credit cooperative.

In the direct loans, the buyer promises to pay the financed quantity, more the charge for agreed financing, during a certain period. Once a buyer and a concessionaire of vehicles enter a contract to buy a car, the buyer uses the money of the loan of the direct lender to pay the concessionaire for the vehicle.

Another form of common financing is the one that there do the concessionaires, who offer serviceability, options of financing and, sometimes special, offers of low interest on the part of the manufacturer. Before taking a decision of financing, it is important to do its investigation:

While they check different models, they compare the yield of fuel, the prices and incentives, must not ignore one of the most important steps: to investigate the options of car financing. “To understand the process of financing of a vehicle is very important for those who are doing the process alone. The handling responsible for the monthly payments will put them in the correct way towards a positive credit record”


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  • To create a financing plan will help you to determine what so much you can pay. A dear extracts and do not forget the payments related like the insurance, since the payments for young drivers can be very high, sometimes so much like the monthly payment of the car.
    Do not forget to consider other expenses to be the gasoline, maintenance, parking, license, payment of register and taxes.
  • It examines your credit report. Because your record can affect the financing valuation, it is a good idea to have a copy of your credit report before going to the concessionaire.
    Some banks can view it before delivering it and they will give you the opportunity to correct the bugs of your report.
  • Do something of task before deciding what car and where to compare it. He visits to your bank, company of financing or credit union and speech with several concessionaires. Print all the budgets and take them when you are going to buy.

The Federal Commission of Commerce offers more information about the financing of vehicles. It is important to determine what he can pay and know with what supports it is provided to protect it like consumer.

In general, to buy a concessionaire is a more secure option because you negotiate with an institution, what means that it is more protected by the law. The Federal Commission of Commerce (FTC) forces the concessionaires to place a handlebar of the buyer in the window of every car or secondhand van that they are in its place.

This guide specifies if the vehicle sells “as it is” or with a guarantee, as well as what percentage of the expenses of repair the concessionaire will pay according to the above mentioned guarantee. Bear in mind that, generally, the particular sellers have less responsibility than the concessionaires as for flaws or other problems. The rules of the FTC are not applied to the private sales realized between individuals.

Hope to pay to him prices higher to a concessionaire than to an individual. Many concessionaires inspect its cars and provide an examination report with every car. Nevertheless, this does not replace the examination that you do. Some concessionaires provide limited guarantees and the majority sells widespread guarantees. Be careful with the guarantees of the concessionaires who only cover the “motive train” and do not offer finished coverage. It is better to compare guarantees of several fonts.

Some concessionaires provide “certified” cars. This generally means that the cars have happened for a more meticulous examination and come with a limited guarantee. The prices of the certified cars in general are higher. Insure of obtaining a list of what was inspected and of what is under guarantee.

To buy a car to a particular seller can save money, but risks exist. The car can be stolen, be damaged or be still under a financing agreement. If a particular seller lies to him about the state of the vehicle, you can demand it if you have tests and you can find it. It is very little probable that an individual delivers to him a guarantee in writing.

Attention: some concessionaires make pass for individuals

Some concessionaires feign to be particular sellers to avoid legal obligations and to sell problematic cars to unprepared buyers. One does not entrust if an announcement offers only one number of cell phone or specifies one hour to call, if the same number appears in several announcements or if the seller wants to bring to him the car or to meet you in some place [banner_abajo]