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Continue with your question about VAC Ceridian Self Service Vca Antech to see how to enter the portal the steps are very simple. Once the manual entry to ceridian self service vca antech I will give you some tips on how to choose a good vet that and we must take the best decision for the attention of our pets

VAC is an animal hospital, belongs to the Group of AVC, AVC has more than 600 hospitals in 41 States and 3 provinces of candada, 83 of them offer a specialized care, VAC is responsible for more than 3,000 veterinarians, of which 400 are certified specialists, also operates internship programs, includes a continuous training of its new interns and residents in training.

VCA Antech Employee Self Service Login

  1. first step enter the following address https://sss2.ceridian.com/vcaantech that will take us to Sss2 Ceridian VCA Antech.
  2. We will see the next page where we displayed the entry where we enter our access credentials page.

Ceridian Self Service Vca Antech

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professional quality and experience, specialization, training of graduate and proximity to home, are extremely important details that is worth to keep in mind when hiring a veterinarian. Now and finally, let’s see some important details in relation to our possible veterinarian’s office.


Keep our pet’s health in tip-top condition implies a constant occupation of us as owners of the animal. Some of the pets conditions surpass home knowledge and then generate the need to hire a veterinarian. In that case, and if necessary to hire a physician for your pet, you can do so by following the tips outlined below.

  • Professional quality and experience of the veterinarian: If you’ve not had an interview with the vet that you trust your pet’s health, can guide you through the professional experience of the same. It is credited to your resume and you can also make sure in this regard talks with former clients.
  • Specialization of the veterinarian: a veterinarian is important, but more important still is his specialization. For example, if your domestic pet is a dog, it is preferable that you seek a veterinarian specializing in canine medicine.
  • Postgraduate studies: as well as the training and specialization of the veterinarian, it is important to know if the doctor that we trust our pet’s health has made certain postgraduate courses. Sometimes, these instances of training contribute much to the professional ability of the veterinarian and that way are important.
  • Proximity to your home: this rarely is taken into account but it is very important. For our convenience and of course, to achieve a more effective care of our mascot, is accurate veterinarian treats close to home. If this is not possible, must seek ways that go to the vet does not represent a supreme effort since if so, our mascot will be not answered in the frequently and quickly enough.
  • Hygiene and appearance of the office, in that must look very good when performing a query.
  • Opening hours of the office and compatibility with your working hours.
  • Relationship with professionals who work there, they must generate utmost confidence from the first moment that you try to with them.
  • Other services that offer office parallel to the health of the animal. The same can be hairdressing, child care, hygiene of pets, etc. It is not essential but it is important and comfortable on certain occasions.