Social Security Payday Schedule 2015

The Social Security Payday Schedule 2015 benefits are paid every month, but correspond to the previous month. For example, the cheque received in June corresponds to the month of May. When you applied for the benefits, the Social Security representative told him when could expect to receive their payment of benefits.

Its announcement about the award of the benefit also has this information. Usually, the day in the month in which you receive your benefit will depend on the date of birth of the person on whose registry you receive benefits.

For example, if you receive benefits as a retired or disabled worker, the benefit will be determined by your date of birth. If you receive benefits as a spouse, the date of payment of benefits will be determined by the date of birth of your spouse. Here’s how it works: If your birth date is the 1 of the tenth, benefits are payable in the second Wednesday.

If your date of birth is 20 of the eleventh, benefits are paid on the third Wednesday. If your birth date is 31, the twenty-first, the benefits are paid on the fourth Wednesday of the month.

For example, your date of birth is June 16. Their monthly retirement check will be paid on the third Wednesday of each month. People who currently receive their benefits on the third day of the month will continue to receive it by that date. The same is true for people who receive Social Security benefits and supplemental income security (SSI). For them, Social Security benefits are paid on the third day of the month and SSI on the first day of the month.

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Social Security Payday Schedule 2015

Social Security 2014 Calendar Printable

Once the date that receives its benefits is determined, it will not change. In addition, the date that receive their benefits has no effect on the way in which they are calculated.


When you think about retirement, be sure of plan for a long term. Many of us We will live many more years that retired person «average», and in general, women tend to live longer than men. It is estimated that one in three people over 65 years of age will live to 90 years, and more than one person in seven will live to age 95. The benefits additional to that they can increase the amount of their monthly benefits.


When to start receiving the retirement benefits In the Social insurance ask us very often «What is the best age to begin receiving my?» retirement benefits?» The answer is that you there a “best age” that apply to all already at the end and after all, it is their own decision. You should take a informed decision about when applying for benefits on the basis of their economic circumstances and of
his family. We hope that the following information will help to understand how Social Security can be part of his decision to retire.

His decision is personal It be better for you to start receiving their? monthly benefits more early in his life but
by a number of less money or receiving a payment monthly highest, later in his life and for less time? The answer is very personal and depends on several factors that should be considered, such as: their economic needs, present and future; its health and longevity of your family; their plans of work during retirement or if you have other sources income for their retirement; their obligations planned future; and of course, the amount of their future Social Security benefits. We hope that carefully evaluate all factors and consider their own circumstances before taking a such an important decision about when they should begin to receive your Social Security benefits.

Monthly payments differ substantially based on when begin to receive benefits If he survives until average life expectancy for someone of your age, you will receive more or less the same amount of benefits for life without whether you choose to begin receiving the benefits at the age of 62, the full retirement age, 70 years or any age between. However, the the monthly benefit amount can be changed substantially based on your age at retirement. Basically, you can receive monthly payments lower for a longer time or more payments high for a shorter period. The amount that When you begin to receive benefits forms the basis of the amount that you will receive by the the rest of his life, although Yes it receives cost settings annual life and, depending on their history of work, it is possible to receive a higher amount if It continues to work. [banner_abajo]

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