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The cheerleanding is a physical activity based on gymnastic movements in order to give color and spectacle to their movements. Generally, is usually done a workout during a period of three minutes. Although America is already an organized sport and there are competitions of this sport, its role tends to be in different matches of major American sports breaks.Used cheerleading stunt stand for sale

The cheerleader is a sport very complex because of the variety of necessary physical qualities, in that sense our work is oriented to develop the motor skills of each athlete, coordination, physical confidence and the development of their self-esteem. We encourage our athletes to Excel in all circumstances, imposing interest and determination in their practices, allowing them to recognize the hard work and discipline to produce interesting results

What is the Cheerleading?

The cheerleading is an activity that uses very well organized routines, elaborated with elements of dance and gymnastics, with the aim of encouraging sports teams matches. It is also practiced as a sport of competition. That everything that is why in practice cheerleading is a cheerleader.

The cheerleading in the 21st century promises much more enthusiasm, since both women as men develop their athletic skills, with the kind of leadership that acquire, adopting an excellent role, serving as a model for all the youth of a country.

These movements tend to have two very distinct functions. On the one hand there is a person called portor, whose function is to initiate the movement and attach to the person who is going to raise. The bearer need much strength, but at the same time a great technique to make fluid movements and harness the power of the entire body, starting with the legs.

The person who rises and lifting the Messenger called agile. It is usually a person who weighs little, but with great force and with a mastery of the body to maintain those positions so spectacular that we see in the video. It should also work the flexibility and have some notions of dance and rhythmic gymnastics, since many of the positions that come from these modalities.

As you can see in the video the movements are spectacular and requires a great technique, strength, body control and synchronization with the partner.

cheerleanding, intense physical activity carried out by the cheerleaders of American sports teams.

Between Messenger and agile must be a perfect connection to run the movements correctly and coordinated. Many hours of training that make this form one of the most important sports in America, especially among women, who receive athletic scholarships to study at the most prestigious universities in the country.

Cheerleading benefits of a skillful and fun sport

1. Promote self-confidence

One of the main benefits that cheerleading classes give your daughter is that it strengthens confidence.  Developing the character and charisma that comes with learning different routines, supporting your peers, and performing on stage wearing a special outfit is a real achievement.

As your daughter learns new skills, overcomes the difficulties of learning new movements, and tests her limits, it’s impossible not to witness the huge smile that accompanies the result.  In addition to strengthening confidence, your child will develop the ability to work under pressure. It’s okay to feel nervous, scared, pressured, or even uncomfortable, as these feelings are part of your being.

Learning to work under pressure is a skill that will help your daughter in her professional life, social relationships, and life in general since it is an invaluable competition at an early age.

2. Teamwork

Another skill that helps develop cheerleading classes is teamwork. A cheerleading team should always work in sync.  Everyone on a cheerleading team must work together to make their moves perfect and synchronized; know the next move of other team members and their position; and trust that their teammates will do their job well.

In cheerleading, more specifically in competitions, teamwork is an essential factor. This can mean the difference between performing a perfect routine or making a mistake during it and causing injuries to other team members or yourself.

Knowing, trusting, and supporting other team members is a vital component in any successful cheerleading team. If the team members did not work together in perfect harmony to perform an acrobatics, it would fail and the result would be shameful and even dangerous.  Learning to work in a team is just one of the many invaluable life skills offered by cheerleading classes.

3. Physical exercise

Physical exercise is a fundamental part of a competitive cheerleader. You cannot perform stunts such as flips or throws if you do not have the physical condition to do so.
Developing strength and staying active are part of the advantages of practicing cheerleading.

Cheerleading classes are very demanding, so your daughter will enjoy excellent exercise when practicing this sport. Generally, cheerleading practices consist of warm-up exercises such as jogging for a short time and then starting to practice specific movements and learning a choreography.

By becoming cheerleaders, girls will build their muscles, improve their endurance, and adopt healthy habits.
The new level of health that your daughter will achieve through exercise and the practice of rigorous animation routines, are an excellent additional benefit that they will acquire when competing in this field.

4. Socialize and make new friends

Naturally, life isn’t just about getting in better shape or becoming a member of some team; it’s also about the ability to develop strong social competencies and  make new friends anywhere.  A competitive animation team can bring together a diverse group of girls who do not normally share together. In all social areas there is an interest in animation, so spending time with different people is based on that principle.

The opportunity to develop strong social skills by forming relationships with other girls is very beneficial for your daughter.
Forget about the animation routines, dance moves and enthusiasm for competing; what really matters are the friendships and strong bonds formed by your daughter having practiced cheerleading.

Having the opportunity to make new friends who share the same interests, and with whom you can work to reach a goal is invaluable. Cheerleading classes offer that opportunity as part of the experience.

5. Goal setting and dedication

Finally, through cheerleading classes your daughter will learn to set goals and work hard to achieve them.

Developing the important ability to dedicate herself to a goal will help your daughter become a successful person, as it is something they will apply throughout their life.

Allowing your child to set high goals will keep her focused until she achieves them. It is important for a girl to learn from an early age to strive to get what she wants in her life.  Competitive cheerleading will guide your daughter through every stage of the process.

The experience offers a journey that goes from a humble start to victory, starting with basic cheerleading classes to winning a medal or trophy for your incredible performance on stage during a competition. That feeling is something that no parent can provide for their children, but it can provide an independent goal.  Cheerleading can give your daughter amazing lessons she won’t learn anywhere else.

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