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Season 13 Holly Sonders Bikini Pictures, host of ‘Morning Drive’ on Golf Channel Holly Sonders Bikini, to appear on the cover of its May issue as part of its special ‘Get Fit!’ (In Shape!) Equipped for Cobra Puma Golf.

The article’s author, Ron Kaspriske, Holly met at your hotel at 9 o’clock in the morning, for an interview that lasted a few hours. Then came the time of the photo shoot. Came about 13h for hair and makeup. The fashion guru Marty Hackel and his team prepared a minimal makeup and natural, and long hair. No jewelry, and very athletic … “I think it’s what seems more sexy to women.”

The Cobra Puma Golf team spent the night carrying boxes of sticks and clothes for the photo shoot, and the models and hung on the hangers, ready for when you arrive. Irons and Cobra driver azure were also prepared.




Next May, Golf Digest will have a special edition with Holly Sonders as the girl on the cover, featuring a 35-page article, where we will see how to get the best shape in golf.

But what will be best for the fans? Sonders will show the exercises that she does. It is obvious that she knows the subject.

For those who do not know, is a reference Soncers American Morning Drive program, which airs on The Golf Channel, also practiced this sport at Michigan State, before joining the media.

“We started with my clothes and photographed my golf swing sequence. We use a practice golf ball that hit full speed. Every time bouncing off the walls, and we had to dodge.He was sweating to keep both the poses “. After several changes of clothes began with the fitness.

“Many of my friends, stylists, public relations directors, etc.. NBC and the NBC Sports stopped by the studio or accompanied me during the day. I appreciate your help. “Accompany Annika Sorenstam and Nancy Lopez as women who have ever gone on the cover of Golf Digest … “I can not feel more proud,” says Holly Sonders.

This statuesque host of famous Golf Channel has revolutionized journalism in the U.S. golfing

as their success and their audience have surpassed all previous forecasts in the program Morning Drive where she works, she is not a professional player but has a high level of play and your handicap is three guys I’d get so many of you cane. Holly has a very prosperous future in the world of communication.

Holly Sonders was an accomplished college golfers who changed his driver into the microphone after graduating from Michigan State in 2009. Now, at 26, has become one of the most famous golf personalities on television, after debuting on the show ‘Morning Drive’ on Golf Channel in January 2011. [banner_abajo]

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