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Dry or dehydrated meat is a way of extending their length of life, and a different way and Welcome to consume it. Leverage amounts of meat arising in opportunistically, Wild bills jerky promotion code either because is obtained at lower price than usual, because hunting is practiced because we breed animals for consumption, or We simply choose to prepare it because it appreciates the flavor and texture of jerky.

This according to a similar product known as meat “cecina” name It appears to come from the latin “siccus” or dry; but it can also come from the Celtic “ciercina” that refers the “cierzo” or wind. However, the term meat jerky refers to meat salted and dried in air, with
smoked frequency but in full parts instead of meat in strips or slices, which typically are processed mainly of beef, but frequently used horse, goat and rabbit.

The procedure here It is to make charqui or jerky and covers the use of beef cut into strips and marinated in liquid saline seasonings and spices which in turn imparts flavor, determined by the built-in ingredients and its proportion. Also includes recipe to make jerky using ground meat that also is season. Preservation elements are mainly attributed to the dried using air warm in movement and salt.

What is the history of Wild Bill’s Foods?

In 1955, wild bill’s promo codes started as a small butcher shop called Balwell’s Butcher Shop, famous in the local region for his exceptional meat products and friendly customer service. In 1983, Balwell’s began making premium beef jerky and meat snacks the best beef jerky that money could buy. Wild Bill’s is best know for long strips of premium beef jerky sold in the now famous mason jars all across the northeast. Five years later, the company changed its name to wild bills foods promo code , Inc. In October, 2009, Wild Bill’s Foods was purchased by Monogram Food Solutions for wild bills beef jerky coupon codes register in Facebook fan page.


The jerky is dried meat cut Bacon strips marinated in a sauce of spicy, salty or sweet and dried at low temperature (normally below 69 ° C) or sometimes salted and dried in the Sun. The result is a spicy, salty or sweet snack that can be kept unrefrigerated. The jerky is an old implementation of food preservation techniques wild bills jerkypromo code.


After drying the jerky until moisture content suitable to avoid that it from spoiling, it cools and is packaged in plastic bags with closed multi system, either in a vacuum or nitrogen protective atmosphere. To improve the conservation, the sealed packages often contain small pockets of oxygen absorber. These small packets are filled with iron particles which react with the oxygen, eliminating the O2 in the closed package of jerky and air that comes after it opens for the first time for consumption.

Most of the fat must be removed before drying the meat, since not dry and, therefore, can spoil the jerky when it becomes stale (the vacuum packing and modern chemical preservatives are used to mitigate this risk).

The jerky is traditionally sold unpackaged, which makes having a shorter expiration period wild bills jerky promo code .

The traditional jerky, made from lean beef strips, is widely available in the United States and Canada, various meats, brands and qualities, both packaging and bulk. These products are found in almost every store convenience, gas station, supermarket and store everything to 100.

A similar product made with finely ground beef, seasoned and processed to obtain thin dried strips is also sold under the name of jerky. It is often much cheaper and is widely available in stores.

The shredded jerky sold in packaging similar to the snuff is also popular. The jerky produced in the traditional way is also a ubiquitous staple in the markets of producers in rural areas in all of North America.

In addition to being quite common in the United States and Canada, the jerky is also gaining popularity in supermarkets, convenience stores and online retailers. The jerky is available in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, and becoming more common. It is present in some large supermarkets and increasingly more small shops. [banner_abajo]

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