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Pnc pathfinder employee login Pittsburgh National Corp. (PNC) has provided banking services to individuals and companies for more than 150 years. If you are going to open a new account with PNC or transferring an account from another bank, the process of opening an account is easy. PNC offers potential customers three ways to open an account: by phone, in person or online.

You will need to

  • License status or identification with photograph
  • Social Security number
  • Card credit or debit valid
  • Existing bank account routing number




  1. Gather all required documents, including your ID with photo, SSN, credit or debit card or your Bank checking account routing number. They can request that you fotocopies your identification and send it by mail to PNC to verify it.
  2. Visit the web site of PNC and click on the “Free checking” application. Enter all the required information such as your nationality, date of birth, number of SSN, address, phone number, email address and employer information.
  3. Send your request and check your Inbox verification e-mail. Click on the link that appears in the email and complete the activation process.
  4. Apply by phone talking to a representative of NCP. Call 1-800-762-5684 Monday through Friday from 7 am to 10 pm EST, or on Saturday and Sunday from 8 am 5 pm Eastern. Note all of the documented information available before making the call so that you can refer to it during the process.
  5. Apply in person by visiting a PNC branch near your House. To locate the nearest PNC branch, check the online Office Locator. Write your address and postal code, choose “Branches” and hit “Enter” to search for the nearest.

to perform banking transactions at any time.
PNC Online banking | for achievements that is within you.
With PNC Online banking you can manage your finances from your computer, day or night. Check your balances, pay bills and transfer fondosĀ¹ between your PNC accounts. You can even set custom alerts of PNC to receive notifications regarding your account by e-mail or text messages.