Usps careers process step hiring list

What does usps process step hiring list? The United States Postal Service, like many government agencies, has a long usps hiring process and prolonged consisting fill out an application, taking a test, attend a group interview and a personal interview, in training and take a test job task. The group interview occurs early in the process and is used to determine who will advance the implementation process and is not suited for the job.

It simply means that they are investigating your application and scores. If you are selected, you’re put on the “hiring list” which is simply a list of eligible candidates. You could be called from a day to months. Then we they contact you, it will probably say “offer phase”. I applied in November, took the test the same month, got a email the first week of January about an interview along with some tax papers, went to the interview, about a week later

Usps hiring list steps Invitation and Preparation In response to a filing online and test result is successful, the supervisor in charge of hiring a region sends applicants an invitation to a group interview; must respond to the invitation within a specific time frame. After answering, you will be sent details on the location and time of the interview. A typical group interview lasts more than four hours. You will need to bring a printed copy of your invitation, an application form, a copy of your resume and a pen. Business attire is required.

Usps careers process step hiring list
Postal workers perform a variety of tasks such as selling stamps, receiving incoming mail and distributing it with postal trucks. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the majority of Postal workers are full-time employees of the federal government working for the United States Post service.

That is what it means. You got a passing score on the test and have been placed on the list according to your score. It does not mean that you are going to get a call for an interview anytime soon.

How to Applying for a Job at the U.S. Postal Service


Make sure you have time to complete the entire process; it may take up to two hours. Use a supported browser. Ensure Adobe PDF Reader is installed and enabled in supported browsers.


  1. Go to usps careers
  2. Under “USPS Account” select either Create an account or
    Log In To Your Account if you have registered or applied with USPS before. Sign in with your User Name and Password.
  3. The system will walk you through your Profile Roadmap. Please enter/update your profile with the most recent information.NOTE: Your employment history must be complete with no time gaps. If you leave time gaps, you will not be able to save and/or submit.
  4. Apply for open positions by clicking on Search Now. You can search by keyword, location, and/or functional area.Usps careers process step hiring list


  • Items marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory and must be completed to move on to the next page.
  • Review the requirements listed on the job posting. To ensure that your application is complete, address how your skill set. education and training matches each of the requirements.
  • When completing the Summary of Accomplishments section, we suggest that you write about how your skill set. education and training matches the posting in a supplemental document and attach it to your application.
  • We suggest that you upload a current resume, if you have one.

Post Office Jobs Hiring, Recruitment And Career usps hiring process steps

serving Group In the interview, several supervisors and managers of resorts around the local area to the group. Supervisors distribute and read a pamphlet on the job description, requirements of the position, salary and the daily paper of the person hired for the job. Each group member is asked to announce his name, background and reason for interest in the position. Then, members are asked to complete an identical request which will be held online. They give the completed form to a supervisor who reviews before calling the applicant for a personal interview. Applicants must present a valid driver’s license for any position involving delivery or driver issue and valid government ID for all other positions.

individual interviews Once the portion of the initial group of the interview is held, each group member individually called to a private interview with a supervisor, who is interested in your background, education and work history. The supervisor makes clear that federal background check will be conducted and that the discrepancies between their responses and the results of the background check will result in termination or cancellation of your application. The supervisor asks questions about his work ethic, skill set and how their existing skills relate to the position for which you are applying. He was also asked about personal habits such as alcohol and drug use, attendance record and history of the disease. The point is that the supervisor evaluate whether you are a reliable and capable worker.

Follow Up Candidates are informed of follow-up appointments. If the USPS is interested in hiring you, you will receive an email shortly after the group interview; This email tells you to keep an appointment drug screening and to complete a background check online. The drug testing should be done in person, but the background check only requires that you provide certain personal information such as social security and driver’s license numbers, using a provided link in the email. Once the verification results of drug tests and background have been received by the USPS, you will be invited to a private interview with the executive in charge of hiring decisions. Upon successful completion of this interview, you will be given a conditional offer of employment.

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