Us cellular partner employee discount program

There is no doubt that the mobile phone market is becoming more competitive and that, at the end of the day, translates into good news for consumers, especially those who want to save. US cellular is not the exception as it offers us cellular partner a discount program for employees.

The program of U.S. Cellular offers monthly discount in their plans of mobile telephony if only you are a partner employed, now like to know if we qualify to be able to have discount, for this there is a page where we will have to put our name and mail of work sends the Mail and we will be shown if we are eligible well let’s see the next picture.

Us cellular partner employee discount program
  1. Enter the page
  2. Enter their name and corporate email
  3. After you click the submit button you will receive an e-mail at your e-mail address which should look like the following:Upon verification, another page will open showing their discount. The discount will be applied automatically to the employees account.
  4. Type your e-mail address one time. You will then type your U.S. Cellular phone number in two times. Then check the box “I understand the terms and conditions” (only if you do understand the terms and conditions. This is your decision). Click submit.
Now you could get a discount on your monthly U.S. Cellular wireless plan, just for being an employee partner. Ready to find out how much you’ll save? Just enter your name and work e-mail address (not your personal e-mail) to verify your eligibility. You’ll get one soon confirming your discount.

US Cellular is constantly trying to get new subscribers, and is obviously trying to keep pace with the other larger networks in the United States, although unfortunately you cannot have this service across the country, as it still has a coverage Limited and is still considered a regional network.

Don’t forget to click the link at the bottom of this e-mail. The link is not easy to see! , You will then go to this web page which confirms your employee discount request has been
successfully received

The cheapest of data plans for mobile phones

The T-Mobile data plans:

T-Mobile offers a cheap unlimited data plan that is prepaid. For $30 a month, you get web browsing and unlimited text messages and 100 minutes of talk time!, the first 5GB of data runs up to 4g then the speed is reduced.

T-Mobile has “simply prepaid” (without a contract) plans that do not exceed the most call-oriented data:

$40/month for maximum 4g LTE 3GB
$50/month for a maximum of 4g LTE 5GB
$60/month for maximum 4g LTE 10GB

AT&T Data plans:

AT&T data plans start at $45/month for 6 GB of data and an unlimited number of minutes to talk and text messages.

No contract: $45/month for 6 GB, $65/month for unlimited data (strangled after 22 GB).

Verizon Data plans:

Verizon’s prepaid mobile data plans start at $40/month for 3 GB of data and come with an unlimited number of talk and text.

7 GB of data is only $10 ($ 50/month) and 10 GB is $60/month.

Verizon has added data transferred to these plans, which is great to see.


FreedomPop is the Sprint national MVNO that works in a similar way to Republic wireless with WiFi calls plus basic conversation, text messages and data. Details include:

No contract: $0/month, including unlimited number of minutes to talk, text messages and 500MB, plus extra data costs.

Win 4g LTE data free every month by adding friends.
Earn an unlimited number of free data by completing the partner offer.

You can bring your own phone.

Sprint Data plans

If you are looking directly for cheap mobile data plans, Sprint has only a few options. You can get 2gb with minutes to talk and unlimited text messages for $40/month.

Straight Talk:

Straight Talk is a subsidiary of Tracfone. Describrí Straight Talk Recently, and also offer an unlimited mobile plan. It seems like a great option for high-level data users, as data does not accelerate to the level of 10GB.

No contract: $45/month, unlimited minutes to talk, text and data messages, with 10 GB at high speeds. 3g/4g availability varies by phone and location.

Boost Mobile:

Boost Mobile includes data plans that include minutes to talk and unlimited text messages, starting at $50/month if you do re-boost. You can’t get a data plan with Boost.

No contract: from $35/month, talk, unlimited text and 3 GB of data. Unlimited talk, 4g LTE text and plan is only $50/month. No roaming charges.

Metro PCS:

Metro PCS now has nationwide coverage and no longer has roaming charges in the U.S. – as it is part of T-Mobile and runs through your network.

No contract: From $30/month, unlimited minutes to talk, text and data messages (limited to 2 GB 4g LTE).

Virgin Mobile Unlimited:

Virgin Mobile runs through Sprint 4g/LTE 3g and offers an unlimited data network, calls and text messaging plan for only $35/month. Here’s a ramshackle.

No contract: $35/month, includes an unlimited number of data, talk and text. Please note that high-speed data is limited to 5 GB. You can get an additional 5 GB of high-speed data for $10 more.
They have one in other plans, but this is the cheapest that includes data.

Virgin Mobile is a subsidiary of Sprint, and here your low-cost offerings are superior to Sprint’s data plans. Take a look at my Virgin Mobile Unlimited review.

These are the cheapest mobile data plans, but you may also want to check out this list of prepaid OMV and the cheapest mobile hotspots to find the most suitable plan for your use.