Pga players championship 2013 purse payout

The 2013 PGA Championship is in the books, pga championship 2013 purse a new star has been born and the unexpected has transpired once again. pga championship payout Jason Dufner won the event at 10-under par, countless superstars were rendered as virtual non-factors and the shape of the PGA Tour was altered once again.

The question is, how was the money handed out to golf’s top superstars pga championship 2013 payout?

With his victory, Dufner secured the top prize and took home $1,445,000 in earnings. Second-place finisher Jim Furyk finished at 8-under par and earned $865,000, and Henrik Stenson took home $545,000 after putting up a 7-under performance for third place.

Here’s how the rest of the world’s superstars fared financially. All payouts via PGA TOUR.

Pga players championship 2013 purse payout


“It was a long and difficult day, in a very complicated,” said Dufner, usually expressionless, who smiled, raised his arms and clapped a fist in the air when it was proclaimed victorious. “I probably have not digested this … I can not believe this is happening to me … Just trust and decided I would give my best to play aggressive and try to win. Was not going to play scared or relaxed.”

The pga championship purse accumulated was 270 strokes, 10 under par, while the third place of the tournament was to Henrik Stenson, three impacts.

Dufner claimed well after the disappointing loss suffered in the event in 2011, when he reached out to the 15th hole with a four-stroke lead in Atlanta. He sent the ball into the water, squandered the lead and lost to Keegan Bradley in a playoff.

There was no such collapse for another warm and sunny Sunday in the Oak Hill Field.

“I’m glad I did the work,” he said. “It’s a big step in my career”

From tee to green, Dufner looked almost perfect. But for some imprecision in the putt, he had crowned with a much greater advantage.
Not a single face in the field, or a gesture of disapproval or anger mood, even the slightest smile from the American Jason Dufner after four hours of golf to win and his first Grand Slam title, the PGA Championship Oak Hill (Rochester, NY) that closed majors of 2013 pga championship purse.

Golf lived success Iceman, who appears not to suffer or feel. Dufner seems incredible that a golfer of 36 years and late in the explosion (their only two wins on the PGA Tour ensued last year), it was playing his first Grand Slam title with compatriot Jim Furyk, the two who remained Sunday an interesting hand in hand.

Jason Dufner was not the best player on the PGA Tour to never win a major, and he never will be after winning the 2013 PGA Championship by two strokes over Jim Furyk on Sunday. [banner_abajo]

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