American express inquiry center

If the account statement to present a charge that does not recognize, you don’t have to pay for it in advance, you must only report it American Express and immediately will begin an investigation. You have 90 calendar days subsequent to the Court to notify you and contact us, either by telephone to our specialized unit of service customers:

Receivable from United States and Canada – 1 877 402 5225 The rest of the world – (81) 8319-9111
Insurance against theft and damage for leased automobiles (CRLDI)
01 800 866 3042 from United States and Canada.



Visit the American express inquiry center to remove charge from your American express credit card. If you want to Remove Charges From an American Express Credit Card Please follow my instruction americanexpress.?com/?inquiry center.

To remove charge american express inquiry center
firstly go to American express inquiry center website. The inquiry center website address is
And complete sign in process.

If you are a already member please click on the titled “Open an Inquiry” button. If you are not eligible to inquiry center or If you are a new user please click on “Register your card online” to sign up processing. After login, Choose the type of inquiry that you have from the list provided, and highlight the charge on your bill that corresponds to your inquiry.

Wait for the automated system to return additional information about the selected charge. Select the option to dispute the charge that will appear alongside the additional information. Provide any information you have to prove that the charge should be removed.

American Express will then launch an investigation into the validity of the charge. Finally Wait for an American Express representative to contact you and notify you that the charge has been removed from your account.

Call us. We’re glad to help with any issue you may have.
If you have any questions about your account, please call
American Express Customer Service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Just call us.
In Toronto: (905) 474-0870
North America: 1 800 668-2639
International (please call collect): (905) 474-0870
For a complete list of phone numbers, [banner_abajo]