Facebook device enter a code

Many are those who have asked us how to connect your TV Smart Viera to Facebook. It is something very simple that can be done in three simple steps. Then you will learn how facebook device and enter this code :

  1. in the Smart Viera TV access to the Facebook application which you will find in the menu of Viera Connect. Once you’ve agreed, the TV will generate you a code, which you will have to enter from the computer in the next step facebook device enter a code.
    Very important: not to shut the Facebook app on the TV.Facebook device enter a code
  2. in your computer’s browser intruce the following link: http://www.facebook.com/device. Follow the instructions that appear on the right side of the screen: enter the code of activation and click ‘Connect’ facebook device.Where do I enter my facebook confirmation code
  3. with the implementation of Facebook open on the TV, press the green button on the remote control. You already have your TV connected to Facebook! As you can see that connect to Facebook from your TV is very simple. Ah! And don’t forget that you can connect any USB keyboard, with or without cable, the texts more quickly into the TV.

Changed registration in Panasonic system, if you have any problems getting your (now 6-digit PIN), especially in TV’s from 2013 onwards, please visit this post on how to create your account ID Panasonic.

Since some days ago Panasonic user registers system has changed to improve the experience users have with our brand.

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What television platforms is the Facebook Watch TV app available on?

The Facebook Watch TV app is available on:

  1. Amazon Fire TV
  2. Apple TV (4th generation or newer)
  3. Android TV
  4. Samsung Smart TV (2015 or newer)
  5. Xbox One
  6. Oculus TV

How can I watch Facebook videos on TV?

There are two ways you can watch Facebook videos on a TV:

Stream Facebook videos to a TV

  1. Make sure your TV is connected to a streaming device (example: Chromecast, Apple TV or Samsung TV) and is on the same Wi-Fi network as your mobile device or computer.
  2. Open the Facebook app on your mobile device or computer and find the video you’d like to stream.
  3. Tap the video to expand it to full screen mode.
  4. Tap in the top right of the video.
  5. Select the TV where you’d like the video to play.

What Facebook Watch is and how it’s used

Facebook Watch is an internal Facebook platform that centralizes all videos that are uploaded to the social network. It serves to centralize the experience, and instead of having to be looking for the videos on your wall you can go to a section where they are all together to make them easier to consume.

Facebook Watch has a web version as well as a mobile version. The best thing about the mobile version is that you don’t have to download any app separately, since Watch has been implemented directly in Facebook’s main app.

Download the Facebook Watch TV App

  1. Go to the app store for your television platform and download the Facebook Watch TV app.
  2. Open the Watch app on your TV, then click Continue.
  3. You’ll see a screen with a code:
  4. To confirm the code that appears on your TV, open the Facebook app on a mobile device, then tap the notification at the top and tap Confirm. confirm the code that appears on your TVOr, you can go to facebook.com/deviceon a computer or phone and enter the code manually.
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