Login to instagram using facebook

Log into instagram through facebook When it comes to promoting your publications in important Instagram is to include a good description and the proper tags in your photo, login to ig through fb and also share it on other social networks and in this last most important platform is Facebook. However, it seems that there is a problem when you connect both platforms, so that today we will tell you a very simple solution to the problem to connect with Facebook Instagram.

Login to instagram using facebook

In fact, ourselves have had problems when you synchronize Instagram with our Facebook fanpage resulting impossible to share the photos on the wall of our fanpage. This coupled with the constant complaints from many users, has encouraged us to search for information about this problem and we believe that we have found a definitive solution which we explain below.

How to solve the problem of synchronizing Instagram and Facebook easily.

To solve the problem of synchronization of Instagram with Facebook and share Instagram photos on your wall, simply follow these steps:



  1. Close session in your application of Instagram. To do this go to “Options exit”.
  2. Now on Instagram home screen click on “Register”. (Quiet do not need to create another account ;-)))
  3. Once inside the registration screen press the option “Use your Facebook data”.
  4. When Instagram recognizes data from your Facebook account, not completing the process! Press the “Cancel” button.
  5. Now again Instagram main screen and log in with your username and password as always.
  6. Finally just need to activate the service for sharing your posts on Facebook. To do this go to “Services configuration options” to share and check the Facebook option.

If you follow all the steps, you will see how well both accounts are now connected and you does not receive any message type; “An error has occurred. Please try again later.”

One thing to keep in mind and often forget, is that sometimes the session that there are open in your Facebook app is not yours, but that of a family member or friend. This often happens when lend your phone so that any of these people see the updates of your Facebook profile and to return it forget log out your account. It seems silly, but people saying that whenever they published a photo on Instagram, this was shared in Facebook’s friend profile rather than his have already received complaints from several.

Login to instagram using facebook

Other services (Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, and Foursquare) do not offer many options, to connect them with Instagram simply log in to each of them. When we do a picture, after the filter, Instagram leads us to a screen where we can put a title to the image and in the part inferior select social networks where you want to share, if we have set it only must be press on which they want and share the image. [banner_abajo]

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