How to Set up a Facebook Account on Windows Phone

Facebook a social network which has more users, How to Set up a Facebook Account on Windows Phone , surely you won’t be able to chat, share messages, photos, videos with friends and family and want to be of those who are not connected. Today we tell you how to set up your account from Facebook in Windows Phone.

When you want to set up a Facebook account on the phone, the information passes to see in different parts of the same. So that you will be able to see the latest news from your friends at the hub of contacts and the hub of images on the card. You’ll also use the chat messages if you connect your account to Windows Live ID.



You’ll have to go to start, where to the left is the application list and you do
Click on configuration.
You do click on add account
You do click in the e-mail address box and you write the e-mail address associated with your Facebook account.
You pulsás where says password,
you write the password of Facebook

you do click on login. It will ask you if you want to link your Facebook account to your windows Live ID and if you want to do click on connect to Facebook web site.

Now that must be especially careful with private data

1. download application and set up your account.
First you have to download the Facebook application on your windows phone and set up your user account. To do this, go to the application list (scroll left from the home screen), click on settings then mail and accounts.
2. Add the account and log in.
Then click on add account and Facebook. Click in the e-mail address box and enter the address you have associated with your Facebook account, type your password and login.
3 your account link and synchronize.

If you have not linked your account to the phone you you wonder now, and probably when you perform synchronization chat will be activated automatically. If it does not, do it manually.
4 active chat.
To activate the single chat you have to return to the list of applications and access configuration. Once inside, move to applications and click on messages. There you just have to activate “Use Facebook chat” by moving the switch.
5 would like to know more?
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