How to clean smartphone screen protector

How to clean smartphone screen protector the phones come with protection technologies of screen (Corning Gorilla Glass, the most known and used in all the Lumia), are technologies that do not always protect the screen of intensive use we give to our devices. The trick today does not come to explain how to avoid that your smartphone screen is scratched or damaged, but to know how to clean properly the screen of your smartphone.

We will use microfibres fabrics for the cleaning of the screens, since it is a type of material that is able to remove all the dirt that is in it. You can find them, for example, in the wipes that come in the boxes next to the glasses. If you don’t have hand Microfiber fabrics, you can use coffee, paper towels, paper for mocar is scarves or flannel fabric with cotton, very easy to get especially if you live in a warm climate countries. If you want to make a dry cleaning, you may try the first option with some kind of more or less soft paper. Other options are not as good as they tend to leave a residue of lint or Bobbles that are undesirable, and therefore it is best to use them when you want to do the wet cleaning.

How to clean smartphone screen protector

If dirt residues are not easy to remove, for example, when the screen has fingerprints or dust, and on the other hand, waste is solid or scratches of sphere, the best thing that you can use together with the cleaning material is a special liquid that will help to remove them.


If I want to make a quick and easy cleaning, use water: only with slightly moisten the Microfiber cloth or other recommended materials and pass it gently across the screen until we see that it is clean enough. Then it must be the well dry screen passing some of the same material or another so there are no damp remains.


In case that you want to do a little more thorough cleaning, you can use ethyl alcohol since it is easier to get antiseptic solution (we recommend always keep a first aid kit at home) but the best thing is to use isopropyl Alcohol to avoid losing the protection oleofobica that incorporate some terminals.

Thanks to the heat of the screen, it will dry faster and avoid that the liquid being filtered by other entries of the device, such as headphones, speaker, microphones or the same screen. Another solution (and that usually recommend) is to use antibacterial gels which, although they are viscous substances, can be removed easily and leave the glass surface very clean.

Another substance that I use is that they sell in the optics in the form of spray, in fact, certain carriers sell smartphones cleaning kits and they often provide these liquids in the package. If you want to clean the hard-to-reach holes, you can use swabs cotton, but only with liquids (non viscous).

How to clean smartphone screen protector

We recommend to turn off the device to avoid minor electric shock or damage to the device; In addition, avoid please cleaning while the device is connected to the charger.

proceed to clean waste of screen through her fabric to prevent scratching it waste. If not done in dry, apply the substance you have available, to one of these two forms: spreading the substance on the surface of the glass, or by moistening the fabric and then spreading it on the screen.

Depending on the type of dirt, you have to follow a process or another; You can use that create more convenient. It makes circular movements with the cloth during the cycles that you think suitable until you notice that the screen is clean. Remove the substance and the remains of the liquid with the same material or other than those mentioned that to leave the screen clean dry and free of the substance used.

Thus, at the end of the process, the phone will look like new. Your device will thank you, will have better presentation and will minimize the risks of health due to pollution [banner_abajo]

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