Must have android apps 2015

Must have android apps 2015 Whether you have just released a smartphone or expect that give you in the next few days, as if you want to give you an Android with all the tools already installed, or simply need inspiration. These are the 20 essential applications for your device!

Messaging: WhatsApp
Can you want you to resist at first, but in the end the vast majority just having WhatsApp. It is best that you not resist and you link to download the application now. It is the most famous and I think that most of you know for what: free, and instant messaging In addition to sending of short videos, pictures and voice notes.

Music player: Poweramp
A music player is a basic in any Android smartphone. Google Play you will find variety, and although it is a personal matter, we will recommend Poweramp. It has many features, supports various formats and has an equalizer only on Android. Although it costs money, you have up to 15 days to try and convince you that it is the best music from the Play Store player.

Radio: TuneIn
More than listen to music that you feel like listening to suggestions about a style of music, you can just listen to news or your favorite program. For this reason, we recommend TuneIn, that is completely free and offers a variety of categories and genres.

Must have android apps 2015

We are debuting a year and, in many cases, new smartphone, the majority of them are Android. For all users that are still ‘lost’ to something and not know which apps to install on your mobile, here’s our list of essential Android apps The list of today is not any ranking or follow a particular order. In fact possibly is not complete, but it is our team, our recommended that of course you can add more.


Video player: Player MX
The MX player is one of the best in its category in Google Play Store. As we all know one of the most common uses of a smartphone and tablet is the see videos, series, movies… Therefore this is one of the most effective apps for these purposes. It also allows to add subtitles, adapts to screen format and is very easy to use.

Social networks: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
Let’s face it! Every three times you look at the smartphone, two estarais referring to social networks. Three are the essential, which most users updated daily: Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. The three together or separately are the first basic applications to install as soon as you have your new smartphone in the hands.

Network management: Hootsuite
If you have many social networks it is best also to have an application that governs them all. Our personal recommendation is Hootsuite. With it we can have unified to three different networks, whether they are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. If you need to add more, you have to go to the paid version.

Cloud storage: Mega
With little memory of some smartphones, and without possibility to insert an external SD card, an application for storing files virtually seems to me one of the fundamental options to contemplate. There are many tools in Google Play and probably sound you names like Dropbox, Google Drive or Box. I recommend Mega because among other things it is offering more capacity (50 GB) to your users without having to pay.

Backup: Helium
It is likely that you may know it as coal because it was before as well, but now it is Helium, a basic among the basics. It serves to make backup copies of our data, contacts, applications, etc., key as a precaution against loss or theft of a smartphone.

Theft: Android Device Manager
The anti-theft natively on Android has approximately a year. He is currently also in Google Play Store, for download in a much easier way. Android Device Manager would be the equivalent of the famous ‘ Find my iPhone’, but in Android. It is essential and having it could be the difference between your smartphone to recover or not.

Antivirus: avast!
Closely related to the anti-theft protection of our smartphone is the anti-virus protection. We find many applications in Google Play Store and at you will find a list with the best antivirus for Android. With these applications, Apart from protecting our possible malwares terminal, also we can make filters for SMS or calls, as well as GPS tracking or remote lock (in case of theft or loss).

Office: Kingsoft Office (Free)
By the size of the screens is not the ideal work with a smartphone, but if we hurry to finish a document before a meeting, review data, or sharpen a presentation, It will always be helpful that we can anticipate some work from our terminal. There are many office applications for Android and one of the most famous is Google QuickOffice.
But my alternative is Kingsoft Office which is very complete and also has a free version.

Useful applications: Shazam or Air Droid
I include Shazam as critical because when I discovered this application I took one of the best surprises of my life. Ended having to ask for a song as a desperate. It is a curious tool, But compared to the competition and very useful, it does a very good job. Within this category of useful applications, I also added AirDroid, an application that allows us to use our Android from your computer so you can send SMS or manage files.

Photography: Snapseed
Those who enjoy photography very well know that the application of a smartphone’s camera sometimes falls short in functions. In many cases not only is taking a picture, but also of retouching it or add any effect to get a rounder result. There are many applications of photography, but from here I recommend Snapseed.

Games: Candy Crush Saga
Can not miss games on your Android smartphone! The variety is infinite in Google Play, so I invite you to visit our top of the best free Android games, so that you may know the range that there is and you can select among strategy games, platform or racing. If what your are the puzzles, my personal recommendation is the classic Candy Crush Saga or any of its alternatives.

Tools: Is file Explorer
The ES File Explorer application is the best in its category. It should not be forgotten that our smartphone is like a computer and, therefore, should have a file Explorer to better manage our documents, photographs or videos. We recommend this application to be easy to use and offer integration with cloud services.

In the Tools section, I must also mention Clean Master, an application that will help us to optimize the memory of our Android through the Elimination of residual files, deleting the history and deteniendolos processes running. In addition It helps us to protect our privacy and manage applications.

Travel: TripAdvisor
If you like to travel, you can use your Android as a tour guide in any city. For that, one of the best applications is TripAdvisor. There is a general version, where we will insert the accurate city or we can also download the version specific city. In Google Play Store you will find the complete list.

Keyboard: SwiftKey
One of the advantages of Android is its ability of customization and variety of keyboards offered. Your smartphone can not miss an application of keyboard as SwiftKey, one of the best and which offers more possibilities of customization.

Customization: Nova Launcher
We continue in the field of personalization with the Launcher or launcher, if we attend to its English name. There are several and since we gave a list of the best launchers for Android, but we’d like to highlight Nova Launcher.

Browser: Opera
Another essential of your Android is an internet browser, apart that brings your smartphone series. The reason is simple: Google Play Store browsers offer more features. For example, We highlight Opera is one of them that works best in those situations where the internet connection is not as good. [banner_abajo]

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