Report a lost or stolen device phone android

Report a lost or stolen device phone android Probably more than one smartphone has disappeared from the hands of its owner in recent hours, so we will try to give you a hand. Breathe, relax and follow the steps you follow the instructions below to protect your device as well as all data you re-add it. It is important to follow these instructions when we buy a smartphone, prevention is better .

  1. Record the IMEI number of your smartphone: find it by typing * #06 # on your phone. Write down it or send you the screenshot to your email, is essential to lock the device.
  2. Change the PIN code: the default codes of your phone are usually 0000 or 1234, is very important that we change it from the beginning. If a caco steals your phone, these two are the first codes that will introduce, make it difficult.
  3. Make a backup of your data: make a backup of images, music, contacts, SMS… everything you feel is important in your smartphone. Do it periodically. We wrote a definitive guide of backup and it is sucked. Does how much not to pass photos of the smartphone to the computer?
  4. Screen lock password: use a pattern lock screen or a code. You’ll make more complicated the thief to ride by your phone like Peter at home.
  5. Secure smartphone: If you’ve bought a smartphone from certain amount, not descartes make it, many companies will offer you a free replacement if it has been stolen and will block the IMEI of the former. Take a look at our insurance Guide.

You have 100% secure smartphone is not possible, there is always some gap or thief you get confused. However, the maximum security on your phone is something that you can try.

Report the loss to your cell phone carrier immediately

Report a lost or stolen device phone androidThe subscriber who suffers the theft or loss of his cell phone you can report it to the operating company in writing, in person or by telephone, giving your data and the respective number, in order to proceed with the immediate blocking of the mobile equipment.

Here’s a list of the contact information for the larger U.S. cellular carriers:

Loss or theft of your mobile phone, there are applications that can help the user locate the terminal. It is recommended to every owner of an iPhone application find my iPhone for, in the event of theft or loss, to be able to track the location of the device via GPS and on a map.

However, there are other equally useful and interesting programs. Thus, Lockout Mobile Security stands out because it makes a final picture of the position of the mobile on the map, until the battery runs out, and sends it to your web site so that we can refer to it. It is also available for Android.

Android stands out B-Secure Tracker, enabling a web site where reflects on Google Maps Mobile path, take pictures and record sounds that are around the terminal. Also for Android is Remote Security which, in case of theft, lock the device remotely, activates an alarm of theft on the phone (so that the thief is reported publicly) or make the phone call to a number in particular. It also leaves to remove remote sensitive data stored on the device.

How To Track Your Lost Android Phone

  • Call your phone company: you can call from another phone to your company and provide your personal information, so that they suspend the line. You don’t want to find a bill of thousands of dollars in calls that you haven’t. You can suspend the line to issue messages, data or calls, but you can still keep it operational to receive, if someone finds the mobile and need to call him so he returned to you.
  • File a complaint at the police: you will need the IMEI, references of the device (color, manufacturer, model), the name of the telephone company and phone number number. Of course you will have to clarify the circumstances of his disappearance, and bring any witness, if any.
  • Contact your insurance: If you have a contracted insurance, contact them. Calls to remember you conditions to receive a replacement smartphone and soon do it after the theft or loss better. Don’t try to trick pretend missing you mobile to get another, they block the other unit with the IMEI.
  • Attempts to locate the smartphone: with Android Device Manager can locate the smartphone, making sonar, or block it, also can erase all your data so that they are not used by any stranger.

And above all, if you are gone or they robbed the smartphone, you enter into panic, there are many possibilities, and most importantly, think that in the background, It was just a smartphone.

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