Best addons for mozilla firefox

Best addons for mozilla firefox Firefox has become one of the most important Internet browsers of our time. Certainly, there are a huge variety of different browsers to choose from, each fulfilling different specifications for different needs. But if there is something that really characterizes Firefox front all that sea of options to choose, they are its magnificent accessories.

Firefox Add-ins have the ability to achieve functions that are incapable of reaching other browser extensions. The reason is very simple, Firefox is a browser that defends freedom and is developed in such a way that your extensions can modify virtually any aspect of this.

The way that each one’s browsing the Internet is very different and we have so many plug-ins available (many of them so very good), that choose them in a manner objective becomes impossible. So I’m going to do is show you a list of add-ins that most caught my attention.

Google search link fix is an extension that does not allow the search engines (Google, Yahoo and Yandex) to change the links on the search results. How many times you have copied the result of a link and you have seen what a link to paste it Titanic,? monstrous e unpalatable? I’m exaggerating? Yes, but if you often occurs I do not deny that it is annoying to have to click the link and then copy the address once inside the page.

Best addons for mozilla firefox

In addition, this add-on is not only useful for copy links, According to the developers it also protects privacy preventing that the search engines are left with information of where you click. Personally, I think that if this really is a problem for you, the best is to use an alternative search engine as DuckDuckGo.


Extensions to facilitate the use of email, browse faster, protect your privacy, access blocked websites, download videos, block advertising, personalize the browser style, all contribute to make navigation easier, accessible and secure on the internet. A huge number of extensions and plug-ins, created and contributed by developers and others who contribute to the development of this browser are available for Firefox.


S3.Google Translator is a supplement that will help us to translate words, selections of text that we do or the entire pages. Undoubtedly one of add-ins most useful when browsing through websites in languages that do not completely take back.

Lazarus Form Recovery anyone who write a blog should have this plug-in, but it is also useful for anyone that don’t want to lose what has filled in forms. So when a website stop working, It is repair or whatever the eventuality, can return to the form, right click on it and use the powers of resurrection of Lazarus to have at the time of the inserted text.

Tile Tabs is a plug-ins that shows the tabs Panel. When I do not have a second monitor to have two instances of Firefox open, this plugin becomes my faithful companion. It’s perfect for multi-tasking, We can customize panels to display form and amount that we want, in addition to drag links or tabs so that they open in the desired panel.

Private Tab follows the philosophy of the previous complement. Can open more than one instance of Firefox if we can do it in one? What makes this add-on is what its name indicates, be able to open tabs in private browsing mode.
In addition We can define bookmarks so that they open in this type of special tabs by adding the prefix “private” in the URL of the bookmark. For example: private: in my opinion, this feature should be implemented in all browsers.

Ghostery is a complement for Firefox that defends the privacy of the user and allows us to detect that all services that we track on the Internet. It detects trackers, beacons web, special and indicators pixels included in web pages on Facebook, Google and over 500 services of all kinds, including ad networks, agencies behavior data and content editors: all companies interested in the activity of users.

Ghostery allows you to block scripts, images, objects and documents inserted in frames from companies that you don’t trust. A great ally to the worried about privacy.

FireSSH is a cross-platform plug-in developed using javascript which you can enjoy an SSH terminal in our browser. Another great application that satisfied to anyone who wants to manage your server or PC. It is wonderful to see the useful things for Firefox users, creating almost one could say that there is everything.

Greasemonkey is one of add-ins that have surprised me most in this list. Its function is the Customize the way in which they behave web pages using javascript. Basically, what makes this extension is add functionality to our favorite sites. We can create the code and add it following the guide below or add scripts that created the community to increase the functions of the page we visit.

The Fox, Only Better may be the best extension of this list. If you are on a laptop is an extension that you can not miss in any way. In this type of screens the vertical space is key, but between the bars of markers, the search bar, the tabs and the edge of the window we lose a lot of vertical space.

This extension function is to hide the upper interface elements and display them at the time of upload the cursor above. You can customize the way in which is displayed, items that are hidden, effects… etc. The best I’ve tried so far.

Tree Style Tab is a plugin which changes the position default tabs to a side section. When you opened many tabs, the title of this text is hidden by the lack of horizontal space. Thanks to this add-on will see them arranged in a tree and eyelashes mothers and daughters can be put in such a way that we can group them. [banner_abajo]