Best addons for firefox 2019

Best addons for mozilla firefox , Firefox has become one of the most important Internet browsers of our time. Certainly, there are a huge variety of different browsers to choose from, each fulfilling different specifications for different needs. But if there is something that really characterizes Firefox front all that sea of options to choose, they are its magnificent accessories.

Firefox Add-ins have the ability to achieve functions that are incapable of reaching other browser extensions. The reason is very simple, Firefox is a browser that defends freedom and is developed in such a way that your extensions can modify virtually any aspect of this.

The way that each one’s browsing the Internet is very different and we have so many plug-ins available (many of them so very good), that choose them in a manner objective becomes impossible. So I’m going to do is show you a list of add-ins that most caught my attention.

Best Firefox Add-ons extensions For Firefox 2019

Best addons for firefox 2019Firefox is one of the best browsers is its extensibility. There are hundreds of very useful free plugins or plugins:


NoScript is a Firefox security extension that prevents certain JavaScript scripts that redirect you to other websites when you click. It also blocks JavaScript, Java, and Flash code that is considered unsafe. Using the plugin’s options, you can set blocking rules that you can also change dynamically for each website you visit, so that certain content loads. You can also whitelist domains or URLs and force some pages to make use of the HTTPS protocol.

Tile Tabs

This add-on allows you to work with many pages at once. You can sort the tabs you have open in a grid that you can resize and in which you can also organize each of the tabs. It is also possible to create groups of tabs that you can save and even export. The Tile Tabs plugin offers many options that you can see in detail on the plugin page. If you are one of those who works on a multitasking plan, this add-on will be one of your best co-workers.


We start by protecting our privacy, something that is not always easy, considering that large ones like Facebook or Google live on our data and browsing habits. With Ghostery, compatible with most browsers, we will see which trackers and other tracking tools install the website we visit. Ghostery will automatically block suspicious or untransparent items so you can browse in a more anonymous way.

Google Translator

Although not an official extension, Google’s Translator allows us to read the content of any website in the language we understand regardless of the language of origin. Once installed, it works by selecting text and, by right-clicking, we select To Google Translate. A new tab will open with the result in our selected language. The extension has the advantages of Google Translate: support for dozens of languages, text results and pronunciation with voice, translation in seconds.


If you like eBooks, EPUBReader adds support for them directly in your browser. Compatible with Firefox and Chrome, it allows you to read documents in different formats, including eBooks, directly from the browser, without having to download it to your computer, thanks to its integrated HTML reader.


If you’ve ever filled out a form or if you’ve written a post on a forum or even edited something in WordPress and then lost everything because your computer has hung up or the light has gone, we can surely notice your frustration from here. It is for this reason that Lazarus was created. Lazarus saves anything you type on a form or text field and saves it to an encrypted database in your Firefox profile directory, so you can recover them if they get lost.

Private Tab

This addition works for all those who don’t want to be using the private browsing mode all the time, but still want some things to be private. Private Tab allows you to do exactly what its name suggests; that is, open private tabs that will not be saved in the browsing history.


With Stylish you can change the styles of the pages you visit by changing the CSS styles that are loaded in your browser. You can change the colors, images, fonts and layouts of the elements. Basically, it allows you to select from various templates that you can create and save, although there are also hundreds of styles available at no cost. You can also select the scope of the styles to apply to all the websites you visit, only to which you select or to the Firefox interface itself.

Resurrect Pages

Sometimes the pages fail to load or some links that we access do not work. The fact is that all internet pages are being continuously scanned by search engine crawler bots. These search engines also store versions of each page in their cache. This plugin allows you to display one of these versions when a URL does not load, either because it is not available or because it has disappeared forever.

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