Squirrel Hunting With Mountain Cur Dogs

According to the dictionary a Cur is a mongrel or inferior dog, but you should not tell a fan of a Mountain Cur that your pet is inferior. Raised to hunt small game like rabbits and squirrels, the forces of Mountain Cur fall into their ability to work and not in their appearance.

Size. The Mountain Cur is a medium-sized dog but has no minimum or maximum weight or height requirement. It usually weighs between 30 and 60 pounds and measures 18 to 26 inches as females are smaller than males. No matter what appearance you have, your ability to work is fundamental.

Colors and fur. Most colors are allowed in the United Kennel Club standard. These include black, black with striped or tan spots, blue, blonde, brown, red, striped, yellow. Mountain Cur may have white spots but should not cover more than one third of your body.

A Mountain Cur albino is not allowed. Your short coat of hair, whether smooth or rough, requires little preparation, even if you brush it well after a day of hunting. Look for any cuts or scratches and remove any dirt you have.

Head. The Mountain Cur has short ears or medium length and erect, the ears erect or semierect is considered a foul. It has a wide and flat skull, its snout is a little shorter than the skull and has strong jaws, its lips and nose must have the same tone. The chin and cheeks should not have excess meat, but the face must have clean lines. The nose is square instead of round and the large, open nostrils. The eyes should always be level and not inclined.

Body. The Mountain Cur has a muscular and well-formed body. It must be a little longer than high. The back is wide and strong. Your strong back rooms should balance your front. The tail is low, medium-length and the dog carries it high.

Squirrel Hunting With Mountain Cur DogsA good hunting dog is a guarantee to enjoy in our outings and to live an excellent hunting season. Therefore, it is very important to think that Raza will choose, because that can be our faithful companion during the days of the coming years

We are fortunate to have a great variety of breeds of hunting dogs, each with its peculiarities, some are preferred by the hunter, and depending on the mode of hunting that is practiced, we will opt for one or the other. You will be the best collaborator to round the perch or fill the backpack.

Besides having hunting qualities, Hunter’s instinct, we can not forget that the dog is not a machine and each one has its function, although usually the races preferred by the Spaniards, are usually very versatile.

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