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Andrea gail found underwater pictures

On 30 October the Atlantic Andrea gail found underwater pictures coast was wildly shaken by 35-metre waves and winds of 190 kilometers per hour swept away buildings and avenues which let to the fishing port in ruins.

The result, the worst storm that has record in the history of the 20th century. The sudden formation of atmospheric phenomenon did not allow meteorologists to give notice about the misfortune coming and the fishing boats that were on the high seas did not have enough time to escape from the clutches of the Gale.
Andrea gail found underwater pictures

That was the fate of the Andrea Gail. The boat had sailed from Gloucester September 20 with six men on board heading to big banks at the end of Newfoundland, Canada, with the aim of capturing fish sword.

For more than one week the bodies of rescue from the coast guard of the United States and Canada sought unsuccessfully to the Andrea Gail and all they found was an emergency transmitter off and a propane tank. November 11 were suspended operations with a conclusive and painful affirmation: the six men had perished at sea, in the same Tomb where lie more than 1,000 sailors since 1900, an area known as the graveyard of the Atlantic.
Andrea gail found underwater pictures

But the crew of the Andrea Gail not endured the same fate of his colleagues. Even though their bodies were not found his history was recovered from the bottom of the sea thanks to the journalist Sebastian Junger, who, in his book the perfect storm, story of a magical relationship of veneration and fear that exists between fishermen and the ocean. The work became a bestseller and was in list the best-selling books from The New York Times for more than one year, allowing him to J√ľnger raise a considerable fortune which was used in the creation of a foundation to ensure the student future of orphans of sailors from Gloucester. A year ago the fever by the storm invaded the director Wolfang Petersen, who decided to take her to the cinema in a Hollywood blockbuster starring George Clooney in the role of captain.

The film in question tells the story of the fishing vessel "Andrea Gail" and his crew between 24 and 31 October of the year 1991 and as after a bad streak of catches, they decide to fish one last time in the season in order to recover some money and be able to relieve their battered economies.

The journey to a more remote than usual fishing area takes place with some normalcy, except some that another labor scare and the typical scratches and rifi rafes, until suddenly, and without that they know them begin to form two giant storms of epic proportions, one cold source along the coasts and other hot close to the Sable Islandthe destination of the protagonists of the story. As well, the union of the two storms gives rise to a still far worse than the previous storm, something that meteorologists do not give credit to observe, since none remember something similar, with which decided to call it "The perfect storm".

Meanwhile the Andrea Gail in a huge stroke of luck and even alien to what lies ahead, full up to above its warehouses of fish, but on the other hand with the bad fortune of damaged ice machine that would retain the capture in optimum conditions until his return to port.

The doubt comes when they learn of the imminent arrival of the storm. Two options, or avoid inclement weather giving a rodeo and spoiling all fishing with its economic consequences for them. Or take the risk and through storm knowing that endanger their lives.