Similar software to jdownloader

Similar software to jdownloader Jdownloader is an excellent choice for downloading Internet files of all types of sites ranging from the typical normal FTP downloads to go through Videos .

Jdownloader is an excellent choice for downloading Internet files of all types of sites ranging from the typical normal FTP downloads to go through Youtube videos or strong the file hosting sites.
His great qualities and options are unfortunately contrasted by the large consumption of resources is based on Java application after consuming a few hours of continuous operation.

For users unhappy with these details Jdownloader here we bring you 5 alternatives to Jdownloader to download files from internet.

pyLoad probably the application to manage file downloads from the Internet lighter presented in this note and that it should not depend on search engines like Java or .Net and instead depends on python known.
pyLoad not only stands out for its lightness that make it work on computers with limited resources but also known for having several key choices when it comes to downloading multiple files from online storage sites.

Similar software to jdownloader

It also supports links to download containers divided into several parts as DLC files formartoeCCF and RSDF and something lacking most of the options represented here is the excellent decision to include remote access from any web browser via Internet.


If you want a program similar to Jdownloader, you’ve found the right software because Mipony is an alternative for stable manager downloads and 100% functional. Free and his fellow managers, Mipony allows the user to automate downloads, creating a queue specified dischargeallowing each day get off the computer what the user prefers.


Cryptload is another great option to consider when it comes to applications to download files hosting and storage services like Megaupload online since I joined a large number of services it supports. Unlike the first version was only available for Windows is now available on Mac and Linux.

Supports Link-type containers DLC, CCF and RSDF commonly used by applications like Mipony and Jdownloader. It also has a catpcha recognition that we often avoid the tedious task of writing the correct captcha to continue our downloads.

FreeRapid Downloader is one of the best Java-based services to download files from file hosting online applications. His catalog of support hosting services is huge and also supports download streaming videos such as YouTube videos.Being based in Java runs on Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems on almost all versions. Download FreeRapid Downloader

Tucan Manager supports the principals file sharing services such as Rapidshare or Megaupload well as allowing other methods to share files such as p2p protocols. The toucan also takes advantage of other options in the list to be available for Windows operating systems,Linux and Mac in most versions. It has a good OCR system to recognize the captchas annoying and it’s a great option to consider when it comes to a lightweight software that may not go eating the memory of your system as it is one of the lightest applications that currently exist. Download Tucan Manager

Mipony is the best application for managing your online downloads for Windows operating systems since unfortunately only works on Microsoft OS leaving out the users of Linux and Mac.
The extensive catalog of services that supports Mipony is equirapable only other options like Jdownloader for almost every update will add new services online file hosting (like Megaupload). Download Mipony [banner_abajo]

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