How to install cortana in windows phone 8.1

How to install cortana in windows phone 8.1 Now that many of us have installed Windows Phone 8.1, we tested and configured our notification center, set our fund of Home and tested how the columns have more work Cortana wonder how they look. After giving so much to talk to many of you have installed Windows Phone 8.1 in your brand new phone you will have found no Cortana giving them welcome, well, this is because Cortana only works for the moment, USA.

Although it is only available for the US at launch, we test its performance and see if we like or convinces us. In addition, you can always serve to practice English. To get Cortana available is as simple as changing the phone language United States.

We know that today is a great day for all users of Windows Phone because it has officially released the Developer Preview version of Windows Phone 8.1, which, as mentioned, can be downloaded by any user even if no has a subscription developer.

How to install cortana in windows phone 8.1

And within all the new features included,that we have detailed in due course, we will run first with Cortana, the Windows Phone personal assistant who can make a lot of useful activities through voice commands. But beware, as we know that the wizard is only available for now in the USHere’s how to activate even outside the country.


Cortana was the name of digital personal assistant to Master Chief, the protagonist of the Halo video game series. Yesterday, however, Microsoft announced that it will be the name that will be known to the new digital voice assistant Windows Phone include in its version 8.1. While we have not been able to prove it,yes they have shown in a demo and we can draw some conclusions. Cortana is in beta and so will be launched shortly in the United States. The official version will also come to the US, UK and China during the second half of 2014, while to see it in other countries (without specifying which) we have to wait to 2015.


Activation of Cortana is too simple but involves changing your region and language, the steps are:
First we go to the ‘Settings’ application, go down to the section ‘Region’ and in the menu ‘Country / Region’ select United States, and restart the phone

Then re-enter the ‘Settings’ application, down to paragraph ‘Language’, and that we pressed on ‘Inglés (United States)’ to display a menu and select ‘Upload’ after this also restart the phone.

And ready, and just let the application list and we will run longer with the ‘Cortana’ application,walked up to her and started with the configuration wizard.

To activate the sexiest on the planet assistant you should follow a few simple steps:

First go to “Settings” -> “Region” and select USA.

Then we go to “Settings” -> “Language” and download the language “Inglés (United States).

Finally click on the button where it says “Reset” and the phone reboots,once you restart can enjoy your personal assistant by clicking on the magnifying glass or from the list of applications when you configuréis and you can communicate with it [banner_abajo]

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