Duolingo app for windows phone download

Duolingo app for windows phone download Duolingo, the popular mobile application for learning languages, has released a version for Windows Phone mobile operating system Microsoft. Launched in 2011, Duolingo has become one of the most popular services on the internet there are few language learning. Although all started on the web, part of its success is due to its neat and entertaining apps for smartphones. Available for some time on iOS and Android,now comes the version corresponding to Windows Phone.

The proposed learning Duolingo is based on small levels that we completed as if it were a game. Each level contains a series of lessons with different tests ranging from complete sentences, to repeat words,through translation or the selection of correct answers. Nothing we have not seen before, but rewarded with experience points and provide it a fun component and, to some extent, addictive.

Duolingo app for windows phone download

From the start the playful component is present in the application.Just see how each lesson will have a number of lives, represented by hearts, we can not sell out before completing. Also, the first time we open Duolingo, we are prompted to specify a target depending on how many experience points intend to win every day,which will serve to remind us make a little practice every day.


Duolingo The app, which is free, has been downloaded 26 million times on iOS devices and 14 million times on Android devices to date, according to the company. Currently offers 39 language courses and says it is working to provide another 20 lessons.


ith Duolingo we try to learn different languages, depending on the supply of our everyday language. From the Spanish, for example, we can point us to courses in German, English, French, Italian and Portuguese; tests both written and spoken to them all.

After reaping success in other systems,with over 50 million users, and receive thousands of petitions requesting an application for Windows Phone, Duolingo has decided to launch its mobile application system Microsoft. The application can now be downloaded from the Windows Phone Store completely free. The only requirement is to have Windows Phone 8.1.

Duolingo is designed like a game that is challenging us to make new lessons, so we even removing lives we go whenever we have a fault.

Graphically it adapts to Windows Phone interface, with an easy-to-use and visually well designed.If you want to learn languages ??and no excuses, the application is free, is very well designed, used to learn a language from scratch, anytime, anywhere. This year itself we will fulfill the purpose of language … we’ll see what happens with the exercise .

If you’re using a smartphone with Windows Phone do not stop downloading this excellent app for learning languages, I assure you learn quickly without much effort. Also no matter who already know the language and the app will allow you to enhance your knowledge.

Download Duolingo for Windows PhoneYou can download Duolingo for Windows Phone and start learning languages ??for free from the Windows Store or click on the following link [banner_abajo]

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