Drones with cameras for beginners

Drones with cameras for beginners . More and more people are interested in this type of aerial devices that can be manipulated by remote control and incorporating a camera to record everything that happens from a privileged view.

If you are thinking of buying a drone but do not want to shell out big bucks,we tell you that now you can find aerial vehicles from $ 99. Obviously there is a noticeable difference on issues of hardware and video quality, so everything depends on the type of drone you are looking for.

If your ends are playful, newspaper, or you’re a fan of technology,then here we present five very attractive offers to buy from the Internet. You can also find in stores in your country if these drones are already on the market

For some time here these UAVs and remote controlled, better known as drones, have been featured in many news internationally and locally. And although several years ago talking about them, I could say that recently are the alance the general public. That is, we can buy them.

There are many reasons to encourage you to purchase one of these devices through the network, and not from a department store. The difference is in the price: while the same model in a department store is around 200 or $ 300, on the Internet can find official prices to $ 99.


Keep in mind that the maximum reception range is always under the most favorable conditions, so presumably in town with buildings, interference from other systems (television, radio, mobile phones and other devices that use the same band our drone), they significantly reduce the scope,so it is better not risk not rush.


Walkera QR X350 Pro We have 2 versions, the regular and Pro. The main difference is that the Pro version has a distance of about 2 km (due to the control) and autonomy is somewhat larger, about 25min, along with some more extra edge. It is difficult to set an appropriate price due to the multiple configurations that you can do,since we can choose from a multitude of controls and glasses to direct it in person (and they tell me how we’re going to run a gizmo of these at a distance of 2 km).

Note that for flight in first person a control screen is necessary,goggles or knob that you can adapt a mobile phone to view the live image and, as I said, everyone has their price. It is also important to note that the distance to a flight in 1st person, not all commands have the same distance, the apparatus can reach 2km away but the image,of hanging the chosen command, you can stay at 250m.

DJI Phantom 2 Vision The first “economic” model to hit the market. The main difference with the Walkera is its higher price and you can equip a camera own brand of 14Mpx (JPG and RAW, which makes it very interesting), Full HD (1080p) and a viewing angle of 140 °.Although we can find a cheaper version without camera (DJI Phantom 2 without the word Vision), but with support to include our GoPro or compatible.

Pro X4 Hubsan H109S It is one of the latest models, similar to Phantom and Walkera design that has hit the market, the greater autonomy (30 minutes) and the best quality / price ratio, but is the least accessories has,which makes rethink buying that model if we want to make future investments in it (no protective equipment, shortage of spare parts …), though perhaps improve this further, since it is a model that just hit the market February 2014.

LA100 Well, this time it’s an airplane and is based on a curious concept of aerial photography with GoPro (only) in an autonomous flight with a radius of 500 m or less and an altitude of between 80 and 100 m. Yes, you heard right, autonomous,which means you will not have control knob and he will go on a route programmed via wifi on your tablet, phone or computer, taking pictures and videos to your landing.

Cheerson CX-20 It is the cheapest of all and with very good benefits for its price, but more than enough for many. It is, as many would say, “a Chinese copy” (although almost all go away, maybe that’s why they all have a similar design), its appearance looks like a cheap plastic toy, but does the job and besides,can be purchased protection bars propellers.

Seraphi H It belongs to the company Yunyi-Flight and has three models that are almost the same, models A, H and P, which only differ in the equipment they bring, but if we buy a part, would become either other models. [banner_abajo]

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