Stephen curry mother ethnicity

Is Golden State Warriors superstar guard Black or White? A lot of people are confuse and ask what is the race or ethnicity of Stephen Curry. steph curry mom ethnicity Well here is the answer.

The American NBA basketball player was born to an African American father and a Caucasian but African America Croele mother just like Beyonce’s mom. Creole could be of caucasian, french, african, spaniard, native america, mix ancestry.

The baby face sharpshooter is of mix race. His dad Wardell stephen curry ethnicity is a retired American professional basketball player and played in the NBA as well. All of the family siblings are into sports. His brother Seth plays college basketball and her sister is a college volleyball player. Stephen’s mother, Sonya Curry is also a former volleyball player.
Wardell Stephen Curry II (born March 14, 1988 in Akron, Ohio) is a basketball player American belonging to the staff of the Golden State Warriors of the NBA. 1.91 meters in height, plays on the position toe, although it can play also escort.

Stephen curry mother ethnicity
He is the son of the former player of the NBA, Dell Curry, and of the Sonya Curry volleyball player, so I elder brother of Seth Curry.

The Golden State Warriors are in first place in the Western Conference with a record of 27 wins and only five defeats. Under the command of Stephen Curry and Kläy Thompson, the Warriors are aimed to be the best team in the NBA at the end of the regular season. Oklahoma City Thunder, for its part, is in tenth place in the same Conference with 17-18. It should be noted that it was the third defeat of the Thunder before the Warriors during the regular season.


Curious story where there are them. The star of the Golden State Warriors has a bet with his mother Sonya Curry, which the player must pay an amount of money to his mother if he loses more than two balls in a same meeting.

“If I lose more than two balls I have to give him money. Against Phoenix took me enough (10 losses), but if I return to do less than two will return it to me. That’s my motivation”

Stephen Curry is probably the best player in the NBA regular season. It is not only the biggest scorer of the Golden State Warriors, also rebotea, assists, steals balls and, incidentally, its triple always steal the applause in the city of Oakland. “MVP, MVP, MVP” who chanted his supporters at the stadium yesterday Oracle Arena only is a standing ovation deserved one of the most fantastic players who are currently in the best basketball in the world.

In General, the performances of Stephen Curry almost always are superlative and yesterday in the Golden State Warriors on Oklahoma City Thunder victory (117-91), was no exception. Curry completed meeting with 19 points, nine rebounds, six assists and four steals, but was an individual move that amazed attendees as rapporteurs of the party.

Stephen Curry won the ball in his field, led him, took to the pivot Steve Adams and outwitted Russell Westbrook with a pass between his legs to score two points in favor of the Golden State Warriors with a beautiful ‘float’ in the second period of the match. Minutes earlier, the base had shown great skill driving the ball, but to pass on his partner, this could not get the basket in the NBA-leading team.

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