How do invisalign elastics work

How do invisalign elastics work Orthodontics is necessary additional forces between the teeth to improve the way in which they fit, and these movements are made using intermaxillary elastics, the classic “gummies” that many of you perhaps know. They are essential when they are indicated and may have many and varied combinations in the form, type of use, magnitude or direction of application of the force.

Invisalign can be used when they are needed. What we do in these cases is cementing a small, aesthetic and comfortable button in upper canines and lower molars, or teeth that is needed, and hook the elastic in them.

How do invisalign elastics work

Then the patient is placed your Invisalign aligners, which are trimmed to purpose in these areas to allow the placement of the elastics. Invisalign Clincheck software already plans to the effect of such pastes in the simulation prepared by the orthodontist.



If you collaborate and use the elastic time necessary and in the way that you indicate the doctors, we will have ensured success and to wear a spectacular smile.

The elastic should be the exact way that you indicate in the query, otherwise not properly perform its function.
If you lose time what will happen is that the final treatment time will be longer, so remember these points:

  1. make sure you use them as they explained it to you.
  2. you have to be constant, does nothing to use them 2 days and leave them for another 2 days, necessarily has to be daily.
  3. elastics lost their strength each certain hours, so it is important that you renew them every 24 hours so that they are always in optimal state.
  4. the elastic can cause slight discomfort the first days of use, that is completely normal and inevitable. This occurs because your teeth are moving.
  5. if someday you take them less hours than those indicated, it tries to compensate for them the next day wearing a few more hours.

As you can see, with Invisalign elastics are hooked to a composite tooth color button, to make the least possible.

How do invisalign elastics work

Remember: use the elastic correctly is the only way to achieve the results that we expect in the shortest time possible and thereby gain at the end an enviable dental health and a beautiful smile. [banner_abajo]