Donation letter for food pantry

Organize a campaign to collect food is a great way to help the people of their community. letter asking for donations for food bank You can support a Centre for adults older, a local shelter or food bank.

Organize a campaign to collect food is a great way to help the people of your community. Can you choose to support a Center for older adults, a food bank or a local shelter. The participants will make a difference in your community through a social event amusing.
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Many community organizations do not have the capacity nor the resources to cover the needs of the growing population going hungry in the United States. The points of distribution of food and other charitable organizations, often a shortage of food suitable for groups of different cultures or of certain ages. For example, low sodium for older adults or fresh or unprocessed. Economic difficulties only
they serve to overwhelm even more to these organizations.
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Organize a campaign to collect food. Collect food or cash donations for the community organization of your choice food distribution. There are different models of How to do it. This toolkit focuses on the model of a single point of collection, according to which people carry their donations to a place, on a specific date, where volunteers they expect to receive them.

For an event with a single point of food gathering, the Organizer must spend between two and four hours per week for several weeks. For a campaign that involves several points of collection, where donations will be made for several days or weeks, more time will be needed for cover what duration of the campaign. Other functions for some volunteers may require between two and ten hours during the process.


Feeding America – a network of more than 200 food banks that support approximately 61,000 local charitable organizations and 70,000 programs, which provide food directly to individuals and families who pass needs.


Select a group in the town need food
Both consider the obvious places (food banks and shelters for the homeless) and at least obvious (religious organizations, elderly centres, schools). If you need suggestions from organizations of foods that need help, please contact with your local food bank. You will find it at

Food banks are warehouses that collect large quantities food to share with food distribution points, dining rooms of charity, etc. The same food bank may be interested in benefiting from the campaign, or it could suggest one your local organization. Once you have determined which organization will benefit with the campaign, use the questions that appear on the help sheet to speak with them about your idea and how to use it to meet the needs of that organization. Organizations of local food is often scarce food suitable for groups of different cultures or of certain ages (for example, with low content of sodium or sugar, or food easy to open).

If you can’t find a local organization that needs assistance, consider make a virtual food drive campaign. Due to the power of buy food banks, they can stretch more than money you. Examples on the web site “Fill Our Fridge” (to fill the) refrigerator) Feeding America are impressive. That is why the food banks often prefer cash donations In addition to donations of food.

Decide how you want to help collect food
Model of a single collection point: ask people to take food to donate to a place during a given day, a specific day. Volunteers must be in the place of the collection.

Food gathering continuous campaign: organizes several points of collection boxes where can people leave their donations for several weeks. Volunteers collect donations once a day.

Campaign of food related event: his team is associated with an event local (as a sporting event, a festival of music or the county fair) and organizes places where to drop off donations at the event.

Do you have a community garden? Consider processing the donation of the fruits and vegetables that produce the Garden to the beneficiary organization. The regulations to accept fresh products vary; be sure to discuss the issue with the organization that you want to benefit. Would you like to start a garden Community? See the information at [banner_abajo]

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