Draft stopper for gas fireplace

Insulated magnetic decorative FIREPLACE FASHION covers an alternative decorative to stop the cold fireplace drafts and heat loss the inner layers that are three help to keep the heat of the and prevents unpleasant odours.

A fireplace can be a need for the climate or a decorative detail (Insulated Decorative Magnetic Fireplace Covers) to create a cosy and warm atmosphere at home. Nothing is more pleasant than a winter to the heat of the fire, and we have no excuses for it, since there are different systems that you can adapt to your family’s needs and features of your home. insulated decorative magnetic fireplace draft stoppers to cover a fireplace

Draft stopper for gas fireplace

You can also find traditional wood burning fireplaces (cast iron, framed in marble or stone) or modern (minimalist, integrated in the wall or in a column). Keep in mind that open fireplaces are very nice, but produce a heat loss of up to 75%, while the closed with glass have more power to keep the heat in an environment. magnetic gas fireplace draft stopper

Draft stopper for gas fireplace

In fireplaces you can not use any fuel, or burn any things, because this can lead to gas and problems. You should turn them off at night, in order to avoid the risk of intoxication, and not use them for drying clothes.


Insulated magnetic decorative FIREPLACE FASHION covers are the easy, inexpensive and attractive solution you have been looking for to stop heat loss and cold fireplace drafts and odors. Add a touch of color to your room or just hide the fireplace.


fireplace fashion makes insulated magnetic fireplace covers they are designed to save you energy and money all year and enhance the look and feel of your home

There are different systems operating in fireplaces, including the most commonly used are:

Wood: the most traditional and decorative. The greener is to use logs produced based on woody debris.

Natural gas: constant and regular heat. Its power can be adjusted.
Ethanol and bio alcohol: chimneys that work with these elements are ecological, do not generate smoke or odors and can be installed anywhere. Its heat capacity is less.

Electricity: very practical and decorative, need only plugged into the electrical outlet.

Among the “extras” that you must consider when choosing a fireplace, they are refrigerated doors handles to not burn yourself touching them, as well as the crystals with a special antihollin treatment to prevent it becomes black.

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