What does tb mean on instagram

The hashtag #TBT What does tb mean on instagram comes from the expression “Throwback Thursday” arose spontaneously by users themselves of Instagram, to become one of the most popular tags. This hashtag has a very similar simile in the #FollowFriday so extended and used on Twitter to recommend every Friday to any user that might be interesting for your followers.

What does tb stand for on instagram Instagram : #TBT has a very different use and consists of every Thursday users rescue old photos of themselves taken in his childhood and publishing them on your profile by adding the hashtag #TBT. This was the origin of the hashtag and the purpose that it was intended to make use of, but as has been the case with other labels that have seen raise his popularity with the passage of time, a large percentage of users use it in any of your photos without even knowing their real and that meaning when you do a search for the hashtag #TBT many of the photos that you see in the results are not or by any old photos of the user, not to mention the tag #TBT is used every day of the week and not just Thursday.

What does tb mean on instagram

And when using the label tb meaning on instagram use only and exclusively the Thursday of each week. Don’t think that because it is a popular hashtag it is better to use it in any photo and any day to win some more followers, is a mistake to think so and the worst thing is that you can give the impression that you don’t have no idea of using Instagram hashtags, or the meaning of them


First, from what the label #TBT on instagram?: users have taken as a “rule” post photos of the past only Thursday, so if you want to boast about how you lost 20 kg in the last two years, Thursday is the day and #TBT is the label


If you post photos on your personal profile, simply that you was old photos of your children and post them every Thursday as we have explained before. Something different is, if you are managing profile of Instagram your business or a brand, in that case used the hashtag #TBT to publish photos of early and important moments in your business and so introduce your followers in a sort of flashback related to your business or your brand.

We hope that after having made clear what the hashtag #TBT on Instagram and when to use it, now you know give a correct use and sure to be part of this large group of users who make bad use of this and other popular Instagram tags.

Every Thursday you’ve begun to see that many of your contacts Instagram and Facebook use the hashtag #TBT and posting a not-so-recent photo.

Hashtags are one of those tools that have gone from being exclusive of a platform, in this case Twitter, to become an indispensable part of the language of the Internet. They were copied by Facebook, and how could it be otherwise, also introduced in Instagram. But how to use them? Is there some trick more than put a pad in front of any keyword? .

If we take a look at leading labels of the moment, it is unclear how issues lead the trend. If there are a lot of lovers of pets in the world, it makes sense that within this top, there will be many pictures tagged with #gato or #gatos tag.

However, there is a trend towards the creation of tags just to get to this list. Without giving names, there are some brands that have totally lost their meaning, and thus their interest.

As you can tag whatever you want in your photos and there are no rules or you can labelled “cat” in a “dog” or both or call #animales #mascota #bestfriends #casa, the result is that labels lose completely their interest and sense.

Much happens in the contests. For example, a black and white photo contest could begin with #NoirContest with a clear and objective meaning for the contest, but then people see the label on the trends and start tagging your pictures to color with #NoirContest as a way of getting followers. This is quite embarrassing and annoying for users who launch their own contests or marketing departments who start using Instagram as marketing tool.

That is why we always recommend short contests with “significant” tags

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