Mozilla firefox free download for windows 7 64 bit

Firefox download windows 7 64 bit filehippo still does not have an official version of its 64-bit Firefox for Windows browser because they say that it is not yet stable, and until recently many there was no plug-ins or Plugins in 64-bit

Mozilla has launched a Nightly versions of Windows Installer, which streamlines the process of downloading and installation of the compilations Alpha daily Firefox. The “Stub Installer” is an executable of 514 KB which will download the installation files from the Mozilla servers.

The program detects the physical location of the target machine to download content from servers close to the user as possible. It is also capable of detecting the system’s architecture and download the appropriate version for our team as well.

Improvements in speed, interface redesign, new functions are multiple updates that we can access, including new HTML5 technologies that we will be able, for example, make video calls from the browser itself.

The problem at the moment is that it only works with the English versions of the browser. In the future the application also detects the system language to install the corresponding language pack. Development team requests interested users to try the new installer and communicate the detected failures.

Mozilla firefox free download for windows 7 64 bit

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Nightly is not the best suited for your normal browsing experience, but rewards the lovers of the novelties that want to be aware of the latest changes. As with the other version of development more early, Aurora, Nightly has enabled by default the option to send usage statistics to Mozilla for the testing of the browser.


Another new feature that brings Firefox 35 is a link to the Firefox Marketplace, the store of Mozilla applications, on the Tools menu or also as an additional button in the toolbar.


Firefox Nightly is the less stable version of Firefox, but it is also where we see the first changes, or where shall be oriented innovations.

Themes add-ins. In addition to changing the background beyond color, and can also change the icons and to have an administration of the appearance which extension depending on the theme you choose.

In Firefox Nightly it is not now necessary to necessarily visit the add-ins tab for Firefox. From the Firefox menu – customize – Themes/subjects, can change by any of those “recommended” that we had chosen before, “Manager”, to manage them or install new ones from the link “Get more Themes”.

The themes of people, it is advisable to have as complete theme that comes by default “Default”, with any other full issue could give incompatibility, although there are exceptions.

Management of the appearance also remains from the Firefox menu – Accessories – appearance.

Firefox 35 Apps

You can now download the latest version of Firefox, the browser developed by Mozilla. This new version brings not so revolutionary changes as in the previous one, which left Google as search engine by default to Yahoo, but they are also interesting.

35 Firefox will find improvements in tool Hello, for those who still don’t know it is the service of video standards with which Mozilla thinks racing Hangouts and Skype-based. This update added a conversation model based on rooms, i.e., we can give a name to the chats we create and maintain them. In this way, participants who have the chat link can use it again.

There are many people who do not yet know you also have Firefox Apps, which are applications that are integrated into the desktop, have its own window and that if we allow it also work offline in the same way as the Chrome, apart from the Firefox Add-ons. [banner_abajo]

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