How to Get Cheap Auto Insurance

How to Get Cheap Auto Insurance , Most buyers start looking for car insurance after you buy a car, not knowing that this has to be done before the purchase of the vehicle, as the price of the insurance policy depends in large part the kind of car you buy.

Luxury and sports cars pay a higher rate than their most basic counterparts, but cars with good results in accident tests and safety equipment such as anti-lock brakes (ABS) and crash prevention systems pay less for insurance than insurance those who don’t count on them.

Worried you don’t qualify for cheap car insurance?

The trainers examine your background and experience driving to determine the likelihood of an accident. Some customers see that their price is much higher than expected! Don’t worry, we’re here to make sure that doesn’t happen.

First, let’s look at some situations where your insurance premium may be much higher than average.

  1. You have less than two years of continuous insurance history.
  2. You have had irresponsibility suspensions (e.g. DUI, DWI, or other serious violation).
  3. He is under 25 years of age.
  4. Have low or non-existent credit scores some states allow policyholders to use this to evaluate their insurance.

If you have those conditions, insurers might rate you as a “non-standard” driver, which means the price they offer you could vary greatly.How to Get Cheap Auto Insurance

Cheap Car Insurance: The 5 States with the Lowest Costs in the U.S.

Car insurance companies often consider a number of factors when setting car insurance prices. Usually the most important are the driving history, the age of the driver and the years of experience behind the wheel, the type of vehicle, among others. However, there are other factors related to the geographical area that also influence the setting of costs, including: Annual crime rate, crash rate or insurance claims, chances of natural disasters, among others.

States with the lowest insurance costs.

  1. Iowa. According to the people in charge of this study, the state of the Midwest region of the country has an average annual appeal of $1.12, thanks to the state’s no cities with high population density and a low accident rate.
  2. North Carolina. This large state, home to the first British colony in America, has an average annual cost of $1.36.
  3. Ohio. This large state, located in the Midwest region of the country, has according to the study a not inconsiderable annual average of $1.37. According to the connoisseurs, the secrecy of their low prices lies in the large supply of the car insurance market in order to meet the needs of its population.
  4. New Hampshire. The annual average of a car insurance policy is approximately $1,379, a price certainly very attractive to many drivers across the nation.
  5. Maine. With an annual average of $1.40, it’s the last state on this exclusive list. Some reasons that the connoisseurs shuffle are its low population density and the low crime and accident rate a year of this great state.

Best States for Cheap Car Insurance 2019

Overall Rank* State
1 Iowa
2 Vermont
3 Nebraska
4 Wyoming
5 South Dakota
6 Montana
7 New Hampshire
8 West Virginia
9 North Dakota
10 Maine
11 Wisconsin
12 North Carolina
13 Kansas
14 Idaho
15 Indiana
16 Oklahoma
17 Tennessee
18 New Mexico
19 Arkansas
20 California
21 Ohio
22 Arizona
23 Missouri
24 Massachusetts
25 Mississippi
26 Utah
27 Colorado
28 South Carolina
29 Kentucky
30 Virginia
31 Alabama
32 Washington
33 Illinois
34 Minnesota
35 Nevada
36 Texas
37 Oregon
38 Connecticut
39 Georgia
40 Maryland
41 Pennsylvania
42 Delaware
43 Louisiana
44 Rhode Island
45 New Jersey
46 Florida
47 New York

Ways to Get a Cheaper Auto Insurance Policy

The cost of insurance of a car varies depending on the type of car, insurance company and the history of the insured. The difference between policy costs can be high and significant. There are several methods of saving on car insurance and buying a cheaper policy. Here are five ways to save on these policies.

Cheapest Car Insurance Companies 2019

Overall Rank* Company Name
1 Progressive
3 State Farm
4 The General
5 Nationwide
6 Liberty Mutual
7 AllState
8 Safeco
9 Travelers
10 Farmers

Tip #1 – Compare the cost of several auto policies. To compare prices visit the websites of 3 or more insurance company, such as Allstate, Geico, Nationwide, Progressive, Statefarm etc. These companies offer internet and phone prices. Another method to search and compare prices is using a car insurance pricing service. These services show you up to 10 different companies with their prices. One example is

In each state there is an Insurance Department that can help you get your car insurance with information about various companies. Visit this department in your state and find information about consumer pricing and complaints.

Tip #2 – keep a good credit history. Many insurance companies use their credit history to price their auto insurance. Several studies have shown that people who pay their debts on time are less likely to claim insurance. So it’s important to pay the bills on time and not incur too much debt. Good credit can help you get cheaper car insurance. These articles contain information about credit reports.

Tip #3 – Use deductibles or higher supplies. These are the expenses you pay before insurance starts paying, when there is a claim. Higher deductibles can save you between 15-40% on your car policy.

Tip #4 – Asks for car insurance discounts. When comparing multiple companies for prices, ask for these discounts:

  • Discounts for low miles
  • Discounts for securing more than one car
  • Education discounts
  • Anti-theft equipment, alarms
  • No acidforent for 3 years
  • Good credit history

Tip #5 – Buy your property insurance policy and your car policy from the same company. Many insurance companies offer discounts to customers with more than one policy. Remember to compare several companies, including all discounts offered by each before purchasing an auto insurance policy.

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