Make yahoo my permanent home page

The home page is the first page displayed when you open the browser. Make yahoo my permanent home page Recent versions of popular browsers like Chrome or Firefox show thumbnails of the last visited websites, which can fix or anchor to always show.

In your preferences you can also specify a path to a specific page on the internet or use a blank. A popular option is to use a service on the network to create our own homepage where we have links to sites that interest us and other useful items such as weather, time, a search engine, etc. There are several alternatives, depends on the taste and need of each other, in this article we will summarize them all.

The most interesting development, has added a personal assistant, from which we can see our mail, the state of our contacts in Yahoo! Messenger, listen to the radio or watch the weather forecast, among other things, all without changing page.

A list of services offered by Yahoo! that is customizable for us, so also incorporates the left we can add the most use and remove those who never visit.Make yahoo my permanent home page

With regard to searches for text entry field has gotten bigger and incorporated tabs to select which of the Yahoo! services we find: images, videos, news

The web browser Google Chrome when installed (install Chrome) shows its homepage, but we can change it to the website that we wish to see first when we start the browser is open.

How to change the home page in your Web browser

The home page in your Web browser must be functional and useful as it is a page you visit frequently. Most browsers include a dedicated load the home page button at any time. Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome start with the default page. Change the default home page lets you customize the browser according to your preferences.

Internet Explorer Go to the page you want to set as home page in Internet Explorer. Click the arrow next to the Start button. Click Add or change homepage and select the desired option in the window that appears.

Mozilla Firefox Open Firefox and go to the page you want to homepage. Click and drag the icon to the left of the Start button. Click Yes to set the page as your home page.

Google Chrome Click the wrench icon in the upper right part of the Google Chrome window and click Options on Windows or Preferences on Mac and Linux. Enter the address of the page you want in the Home Page field. To display the Start button, select the check box on the Toolbar section.

You can change the home page of your browser to almost any website you want. The procedure will vary slightly depending on the browser you use; however, all methods have to change the default settings.

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