Sony PCM-D50 Professional Stereo Audio Recorder

The latest addition to the family of portable audio recorders Sony PCM-D50 recorder adopts many of its features and style from the highly acclaimed PCM-D1 model, which has a rugged construction and modern design. It is ideal for creating live music option, tracks and recordings wild outdoors.

The PCM-D50 recorder is a 96kHz / 24-bit stereo microphones two-position (XY or Wide), 4GB of internal flash memory and a Memory Stick Pro-HG Duo slot for additional storage. Requires four AA alkaline batteries, and provides 14 hours of recording at 44.1kHz and 16 bits. Exclusive features such as two-position stereo microphone, pre-record buffer that records five seconds of audio before pressing the record button, digital pitch control and segment / repeat A / B, which offer ample opportunities for laptops composers, musicians and journalists .

To complement the PCM-D50 recorder, new optional accessories including a remote control, tripod mount and a protective wind microphone is included.

Sony PCM-D50 Professional Stereo Audio Recorder

Sony PCM D50 includes professional features including WAV recording at 24bit / 96kHz, integrated 4Gb memory (up to 6 hours of recording at 16bit / 44.1kHz).
Its sleek and intuitive design makes browsing is a cinch and lightness gives portability of last generation.


PCM-D50 recorder, compact, robust and portable audio lightweight design and a range of up to 14 hours of continuous operation with rechargeable AA batteries. It has an internal flash memory of 4 GB for up to 13 hours of recording, expandable via Memory Stick Pro-HG Duo


Features portable audio recorders Sony PCM-D50

  • Linear PCM Recording WAV to 96 kHz / 24 bit
  • 4GB built-in memory
  • Dual integrated stereo electret microphone position
  • Provides selection of XY position or wide Stereo
  • Output Sensitivity: -35dB / Pa 1kHz
  • Maximum input: 130dB SPL
  • Noise level: 20.0dBSPL (A)
  • Digital Vumeter the Peak: besides Overload indicators
  • Versatile Recording Functions: dual digital limiter, Super Bit Mapping, Pre-Record Buffer, Repeat AB
  • Operates on 4 AA batteries 14 hours in recording @ 44.1kHz 16-bit mode
  • Memory Card Slot PRO-HG: up to 4Gb memory expansion extras
  • MP3 and Digital Pitch Control: DPC (fast playback / slow)
  • Compatible with PC / MAC: Transfer with Drag-and-Drop (Drag & Drop) system
  • SPDIF digital input and output: input and optical output (IEC 958)

Superior recording quality The PCM-D50 is a linear recorder 96kHz / 24-bit WAV recording in standard format and exceeds the quality standard sound DAT. A low SNR offers quality recording virtually no noise.

Expandable memory With a built-in 4GB memory, the PCM-D50 records up to six hours mode CD quality 16 bit 44.1kHz. The Memory Stick Pro-HG Duo lets expand capacity up to 4GB.

Built-in microphonesThe PCM-D50 recorder is equipped with an electret built, two-position high sensitivity with flexible rotation for positions X And Wide stereo or stereo condenser microphone.

Versatile Recording Functions The dual digital limiter prevents the distortion, pre-record buffer records five seconds of audio before pressing the record button and Super Bit Mapping technology achieves a dynamic range.

Playback functions The PCM-D50 recorder provides MP3 playback, built-in digital control step that slows playback without changing the pitch and a function of segment / repeat A / B that allows you to mark and repeat segments.

Compatible with PC / Macintosh The PCM-D50 uses a simple transfer of consistent drag and drop files via a USB connection speed.

rugged construction The PCM-D50 recorder is built with lightweight metal (aluminum), and is designed to meet the demands of professional applications. [banner_abajo]

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