American girl doll of the year 2015

next girl of the year 2015 is : Grace Thomas As every year, many girls and not so little hope Announcement of the new American Girl, this year comes from France Grace! This enthusiastic girl loves to cook with friends and invent new recipes. After a trip to Paris serves to try new things including turning your passion for cooking into a business. Will learn the best way to succeed?

when the seasons start turning gait of Grace is ready with this stylish blue coat buttoned. It features black ribbon accents and tie at the waist. Grace is ready to discover Paris in this stylish outfit. It features what is the next american girl doll of the year 2015:
A bright red sweater with a white necklace graph model and a point on the front with sequin detail
Black trousers with woven texture with silver sparkles, flat ballet shoes toe pink and red bows on the front. A red headband with a double ribbon bow on the side.

Grace can dream about your next big idea in these pajamas american girl 2015 visit website .

American girl doll of the year 2015

what is the american girl doll of the year 2015 is Grace Thomas
They include:
A pale blue dot shirt with satin bow and lace trim at the neckline
Wide leg pants pajamas with blue ruffles at the cuffs and an icon of Parisian printing
Blue velvet slippers with bows on the toes
A chignon knotted ponytail.


The existing branches are New York there are American Girl stores in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Seattle and Washington DC And expansion plan is 2 new stores per year.


who is next american.?girl doll 2015 American Girl line of dolls is a luxury, a size of 18 inches. The company was founded in 1986 by Pleasant Company. The dolls representing nine to eleven years of age, a variety of different ethnic groups. Each doll is sold with a book that tells the story of the origin of each character. Originally, the stories focused on various periods of American history, but were expanded in 1995 to include characters and stories of contemporary life. A variety of clothing and accessories are also available. Pleasant Company was founded in 1986 by Pleasant Rowland, and its products were originally purchasable by mail only. In 1998, Pleasant Company became a subsidiary of Mattel. The company has been awarded the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Award eight times to date.

Shop for dolls American Girl Place in New York, is one of many luxury shops that owns the brand, is the dream of every girl come true, has three full floors of dolls, accessories and many activities in the case of the located in Manhattan in full 5th Avenue.

Currently, the store offers baby dolls recommended for girls ages 3 and larger wrists for eight years, but this depends on the taste of each child.

In the case of local Fifth Avenue, on the first floor, the girl can choose the doll that is closest to it, there are different combinations of hair, eye color and skin tones. They can be customized with glasses and earrings such as “the future buyer.”

On the second floor, there are dolls inspired by the history of the United States, which also bring a story so that you know the history of the wrist.

And on the top floor, dolls and baby dolls, you have the option of baby alone, twins or twins.

And in 2012, the American Girl Doll McKenna year is a gymnast wrist. Since each year a “special doll” which becomes the most popular Store is chosen.

Having decided on the doll you start playing with it in the store and you can perform various activities with her and buy accessories, clothing and more.

It’s amazing what they have to care for dolls, even a miniature chair wheels.

You can not miss pets for this dolls, there are many options with lots of accessories.

American Girl Company is not lost any detail, because you can go back as often as you want with your wrist even meet with other friends or celebrate your birthday. [banner_abajo]

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