Cute indian names fo kids

Cute indian names for kids come from the Hindi language, an Indo-European language of the Indo-Iranian branch, which used to write the Devanagari script. Therefore, the names of India that are here are Latinized about writing. The Hindu names are greatly influenced by the Hindu religion, so their meanings are related to its principles and gods.

Choose the name that your child will take life, what a task! We are sure that you feel much pressure to choose a name that it has everything:

reflect the qualities that you want for your baby
modern and original, but that people like
honor your cultural and family identity
Let your child feel proud of their name, with the passage of the years.

You could start discussing General ideas with your partner. Have a list handy to write down favorite as she is going happening to them. Also use our tool names and meanings of babies to choose initial, origin, indian names for kids at thanksgiving.

You have to take into account many things when choosing the name, such as to the family, please avoid initials that provoke jokes or are shameful, names that they provide to nicknames or make clear reference to some bad memory.


Another important consideration may be the initials ques to form on the official identifications. In most of the countries all individuals have a log name that will use throughout life for all procedures. Check that the initials of your children do not form by chance any word that you do not like.


Cute indian names for kids list
Meaning of Devendra
“God of the sky”. (Hindu names)

Meaning of Yamir
Yamir is a name of Indian origin that means “Moon”. (children hindu names)

Meaning of Mishka
Hindu name meaning: gift of love. It can also be a Russian word that means: mouse. Unisex name (Indian male names)

Meaning of Kalu
Father of Nanak. Guru Nanak Dev (April 15, 1469 – 7 May 1539) was the founder of the Sikhism and the first of the ten Sikh gurus. Not only is revered by Sikhs, but… (hindu names for children)

Meaning of Narayan
“Flowing water”. Variant: Narayana. It is one of the names of Vishnu, a hindu God. Vishnu is part of the Trimuri (“three forms”, sometimes described inaccurately as “Trinity”…) (names of male Hindus)

Aryam meaning
Name of the India which means: Center of the planetary system. (names of hindu child)

Meaning of Navil
Name of Kannada origin. The Kannada kannada (?????) is one of the oldest and best known dravidian languages. Divided into various dialects approximately 44 million speak it… (children in Indian names)

Meaning of Balu
Diminutive of Balabhadra, “lucky”. (male Indian names)

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