Amazon prime instant video app for windows 8

Unfortunately amazon prime instant video app for windows 8 is not available microsoft store that’s because amazon prime video app windows 8 has not been developped for that platform but if Amazon Instant Video app for Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Xbox, PlayStation , Wii and smart TVs. You can also use the app Amazon Instant Video to watch the program on mobile devices, including tablets Fire, the Fire Phone, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android phones.

Android devices from content services streaming movies and TV deAmazon, Amazon Instant Video and Prime Instant Video, as these applications are now available for users in the United States (which means that eventually reach other countries).

Previously, you could only access these services through a tabletKindle Fire. With the arrival of these applications users can browse and rent or buy, various types of digital content.

To celebrate two victories in the Golden Globe awards, Amazon provides two gifts: the original series “Transparent” will be free tomorrow, Saturday January 24, and its Prime membership service will cost US $ 72 for new users.

Amazon prime instant video app for windows 8

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The company announced that e commercio also allow free streaming 10 chapters of the ‘Transparent’ series as part of their promotion.


On January 11 the ‘Transparent’ series took home the Golden Globe for “Best Series, Musical or Comedy”, while the main actor, Jeffrey Tambor, got carried palms in the category “Best Actor” . These were excellent news for Amazon, the e-commerce company that produces this program ‘online’ (through its streaming service), and thinks celebrate in style.

Starting tomorrow (Saturday January 24) you will see 10 episodes of the ‘Transparent’ serial free. This offer applies both for users of Amazon exclusive membership to those who are not part of this group. In addition the company will offer (just morning) a special rebate on their memberships ‘Prime’ that only cost $ 72, instead of the normal price of $ 99 per year.

According to Amazon, everyone can see ‘Transparent’ on their TVs using Amazon Instant Video application all Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Xbox, PlayStation, Wii and smart TVs and on all mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.

The comedy-drama ‘Transparent’ tells the story of a common home in Los Angeles who one day discovers that the patriarch of the house, Mort (Jeffrey Tambor), is transgender and recounts their ups and downs how to take the news other family members. He scored story in the latest installment of the Golden Globes as the first series ‘online’ to receive this recognition.

You can also see the giving click the following link series. In addition you can access offering for Prime membership at a special price here. [banner_abajo]

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