Michigan dnr combo deer license

Michigan has more than 140 different species of fish in fresh water and rivers, deer combo rules in mi 2014 – 2015 as well as a broad desert lakes for hunters looking for deer combo license michigan , waterfowl and other animals. The Department of natural resources and environment of Michigan controls the licensing of hunting and fishing in the State. You can get them at most sporting goods stores or through the DNR-online shopping portal. But it is essential to know what are the requirements and restrictions of licences before purchasing one .

Requirements of fishing licences
To buy a license for fishing in Michigan it is mandatory that you have one of the following identification: driver’s license State into effect, a valid state identification card (also must complete an additional identification document, such as a voter registration card), or the DNR sports card. If your sports card is still valid and up-to-date information that has you can continue to use it michigan deer combo license rules please more information click here.

Hunting Seasons and Application Periods

License Information

Michigan dnr combo deer license

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If you are 17 years or older, you must have a license to fish, and carry it with you at all times while fishing. All licenses are valid from March 1 to March 31 of the following year. Are considered resident of Michigan if you maintain a home on a permanent basis, if you are a student enrolled full-time in a University of Michigan or if you serve full-time in an installation U.S. Army military Michigan.


Hunting and fishing have been a part of the heritage in the open air for centuries. Today, sold licenses to regulate hunting and fishing in each State by the Department of wildlife conservation. Each license is important to the State, economics, wildlife and Hunter or fisherman that uses it.


Types of fishing licence
A fishing licence will allow you to fish in waters anywhere in Michigan, so the types of licenses are divided between those for residents and non-residents. Licenses for residents cost, from 2010, US$ 7 per 24 hours, and US$ 3 if it is elderly people over 65 years. For a one year license, older residents pay US$ 11.20 while residents aged between 17 and 64 years old pay US$ 28 annually.

The State also offers restricted licenses that allow all kinds of fish except salmon and trout fishing. Perhaps this is because the State has different regulations for catching these species. These restricted licenses are less expensive than those that provide access to all the fish. Not may purchase resident licenses 24/US$ 7, licences restricted to US$ 34 or $42 complete licensing.

Requirements of hunting licenses
Most Michigan hunters buy hunting or fur harvesters regular licenses. The State allows you to purchase a license using three different forms of identification, a State driver’s license valid, a valid Michigan ID or a valid Michigan DNR sports card card. In addition, if you were born after the first of January 1960, you may get your Hunter safety certificate when you buy the license. Be sure to sign your license and carry it with you at all times while caces. Michigan law prohibits the use of a different hunting license.

Types of hunting licenses
Michigan offers several types of licenses for hunters. There are specific licenses for archery and firearms (both for hunting deer during specific times of the year), or a combination of licenses that allow the two things. Small dam license allows you to hunt rabbits, squirrels, pheasants, roosters, coyotes and waterfowl.

There is a license of apprentice for those who have not completed their hunt for safety training. These apprentices must be accompanied by one 18-year-old licensed Hunter. Michigan also accepts applications for licenses to hunt animals such as bear, elk and Turkey specific, although they are separated from the normal hunting licenses and are subject to specific application periods and costs.

Costs of hunting licenses
Michigan licensing costs seem reasonable, unless you are not resident. For example, the most expensive state hunting license is a combined license for non-residents, which costs US $276 from 2010. For residents, the same license costs $30, US$ 15 for young people (aged 10-16 years) and US$ 12 for adults 65 years and older. Licenses for resident adults that include deer hunting with firearms or bow, for collectors of skins, bird hunting and hunting of small dams cost $15 each. [banner_abajo]

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