How many halloween movies are there

How many halloween movies are there Michael Myers is not so famous such as Freddy Krueger and Jason Vorhees, but respect it deserves. Mostly because it is the first psichokiller of the genre that has caused so many nightmares American adolescence, and by cultural colonization, to the rest of the youngsters from all over the world: the teen slasher.

Yes dear readers, the more young men of you already see the Scream saga as something outdated, but know that before Scream there were nightmares on Elm Street, Vierneses guns, and before all this Halloween night. The purists will say that before Halloween it was Black Christmas, but if we start to go back in time we will never eventually.

We offer below a simple guide so you know how to distinguish the eight films that made up the original saga until Rob Zombie decided to begin again with his own remake and the corresponding sequel.How many halloween movies are thereHALLOWEEN (1978)

Who was going to say to John Carpenter, a master of the fantastic, unfortunately does nothing in recent times, with a simple independent production was going to make rich and would introduce the fashion of the troceadores of adolescents in theaters during the following years…

The story we know it all, but I remember it. Michael Myers is a solitary and silent boy who kills his sister a Halloween night. It is immediately admitted to a mental hospital, where he is put under the care of Dr. Loomis. A few years later, Michael escapes and returns to Haddonfield, his people on the night of Halloween, which is responsible for killing several kangaroos and their respective boyfriends. Saves the Jamie Lee Curtis, which starting from launch his career thanks to the character of Laurie Strode. Michael is a killer stealthy, more discrete than Freddy Krueger and more elegant and clean that Jason Vorhees, that doesn’t need tricks to terrorize anyone, just with his mere presence.

HALLOWEEN 2 (1981)

The success was overwhelming, there were dozens who copied the idea and therefore proceeded to shoot a sequel to the original, although John Carpenter refused to direct it.

Halloween 2 takes place in the same night that the first part. Myers continues his massacre at the hospital where joined to the Jamie Lee Curtis, and there killed the nurses, including a very young Ana Alice, Melissa’s “Falcon Crest”.


With the second part they also had good revenue, but the producers thought that the subject was exhausted (which deluded) and decided to go ahead with the series but without Michael. The idea was to create an annual series of horror films of quality under the brand of “Halloween”.

And thus arose Halloween III Season of the witch, which is a story that has no relationship with the maniac.

HALLOWEEN 4: The return of Michael Myers (1988)

In 1988 it had already passed the boom of Friday the 13th, nightmare on Elm Street and its sequels were in full swing, but Moustappa Akkad, owner of the Halloween franchise, thought that a new movie with Michael to celebrate 10 years of the first part would be well. Thus, Halloween 4 raises Michael, who has spent 10 years being held in a hospital in coma. During a move escapes from the ambulance and returns to Haddonfield, ill., in search of what is left of his family.

We don’t know how he learns that he has a niece of 12 years, Jamie, daughter of Laurie Strode, now deceased, (Jamie Lee Curtis, who get only pictured in the movie) and spends the entire film pursuing her to kill her, liquidating the way a lot of adolescents in mating season. While the police has with the help of Dr. Loomis to catch Michael, they can not find him and escapes from the village. Meanwhile the pot, to be the girl of course, and just killing his mother at the end of the movie.

HALLOWEEN 5 (1989)

And here is where plot inconsistencies in the series spill over, something that is one characteristic of this type of movies. Halloween 5 presents the small completely upset Jamie, although it is not a reference to the murder committed by the end of the fourth installment. (apparently it was a dream).

Nor is it entered in a mental institution or anything. But it has been silent and passes all the time staring at the ceiling with a crazy face and having nightmares with his uncle Michael, who, in turn, has spent a year living with a blind beggar that has fed and healed his wounds.

At this point, Michael decides to return to the village to celebrate the night of all saints, and what better way than going to a party of teenagers dressed as characters from horror movies, where you can mingle with ease, especially taking into account that this party attend various types of dresses like Michael Myers, giving rise to those typical false scares seen in all these movies (Moreover this trick was also used in) the fourth part). The more psychotronics of the entire series.

HALLOWEEN The Curse of Michael Myers (1995)

Back in 1995, when no one imagined that all this type of film would be back in fashion, Dimension Films bought the rights of the series and produced the sixth installment, with a more bizarre than the previous two tone. Re-displays the Jamie small of the fourth and fifth parts, but this time adult and pregnant, and confined within a sect whose mission is to take care of Michael Myers while it is not Halloween. By the way, Jamie was pregnant of her uncle Michael, and when it escapes from the clutches of the sect is contacted with Dr. Loomis will help it. In Haddonfield, in the House of the Myers family, now it lives already adult one of the children who took care of Laurie Strode as a kangaroo in the first part, and there Michael moves to claim what is theirs.


After the saga became so crazy, and now with the Screammania up, Jamie Lee Curtis is engaged and are mounted the great “H20? Halloween. The writers take the decision to forget the events of the parts three, four, five and six, and this time get not just a good movie, but also give a good slap in the face to all these movies of murdered teenagers that there in the second half of the 1990s. Michael is much Michael…

Jamie Lee plays Laurie Strode again, but this time has changed its identity to feel more secure, and so his evil brother can not locate it through the phone book. She works in a private school in which your child is student. There will be Michael to try to finish what he started 20 years ago.

HALLOWEEN Resurrection (2002)

No doubt the sequel with less fans. The prologue of the film recounts the final showdown between Laurie (Jamie Lee Curtis) and her brother Michael Myers. After being twenty-four years playing cat and mouse, poor Laurie is admitted to a mental hospital. It has done the pot because the previous installment of Halloween killed an innocent believing he was ending his evil brother. Michael goes looking both to the hospital and fighting until Laurie gets hanging from one foot to Michael, while luck is on the side of evil, and he drags his sister to death.

The crux of the film: an absurd mixture of Halloween, Blair Witch Project and Big Brother. Asesinables Six teenagers should spend a night in the house where Michael Myers spent his childhood and killed one of his sisters. Everything will be broadcast on the Internet, for that there are some cameras around the house and also the brave contestants each have their personal camera. If in addition to this we add a kind of Michael Myers disguise to warm the atmosphere and you can you realize that the thing is already here nearest Scary Movie that Carpenter classic.

In the last sequence collected Michael’s body and take him to the morgue, where they leave it in the hands of a beautiful and innocent nurse who left alone with the body. Who is such a thing happens? Do not they realize they’re in a horror film?

It is an undignified end for the series, and especially for the character of Jamie Lee Curtis. What would have cost to keep alive Laurie at the end of the movie? In fact, it was what was expected, as you can see in this video.

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