Ductless air conditioning installation cost

ductless air conditioning installation cost When they approach the days of heat, we are reminded that our living room or the bedroom does not have air conditioning. It is time to review what it really costs the installation of an air conditioner and some interesting tips.

Existing ducts
If a House has a forced air heating system, then add a central air is quite easy since are not required to add more air ducts. This should take about two days, and for a home of 2,000 square feet (56 square meters), will probably cost US$ 4, 000. However, if you must add additional lines, this could duplicate easily the cost.

Single duct
It is much less common that contractors install only the ducts in a House, since if an air conditioning unit is present, then the duct network tends to be present also. But in the case of damaged ducts, if the owner wishes, you can replace them all. Usually, ducts alone cost about half that ducts and the unit price and installation costs, taking it to around $3,000 to $4,000 at the time of publication. Once again, this is for a residential home to standard size, not a small house or a large commercial building.



The first thing that must be taken into account is that stores (Carrefour, El Corte Ingl├ęs, Media Markt, Worten, etc.) offer you in their catalogues a super Basic for very low price air conditioning and few BTU of power and without installation, which can cost even more expensive than the product of air conditioning.

Throughout installation, you must provide the following items to budget between labor and materials:

1. the displacement of one or two technicians to your home to make the budget or do the installation. Learn well about whether the budget is free or charge you for doing so.

2.-Another factor to consider is if we are going to install an air (a motor and a diffuser) split or multisplit (an engine and several broadcasters according to the rooms of the home or office).

How many more elements have to be installed and connected, more expensive will be the installation.

3.-the meters of pipe ranging from the engine to the air diffuser.

4.-inner duct meters and if necessary or not throw a cable with a plug next to the machine.

5.-the stands of air conditioning and motor, especially if it were suspended on a wall outside, facade or a terrace outside.

6.-the air antivibration plugs that prevent that there is noise and/or vibration.

7. fill the holes in the wall through which pass pipes from abroad until the inner diffuser with a special PuTTY.

Keep in mind that they may charge you apart necessary masonry and painting works so everything is presentable once installed air conditioning in its definitive natural location. [banner_abajo]

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