Download pictures from android phone to laptop

Download pictures from android phone to laptop For the first time, you get a Mobile Android, and after several days making photos and videos with the camera that integrates phone, wondering how to move files from your smartphone to your computer. If you were of the iPhone, this task was a iTunes account; If you’ve never had a multimedia device with these characteristics, andes perhaps a little lost.

To begin with, when we started to use an Android mobile, terminal is configured so that the contents that we register will be recorded on the internal memory of the device. It is an important detail, since if in addition to the integrated bottom of storage, we complement the team with a microSD card options, we would have the option of making the photos and videos that we capturásemos with our Android were to stop to the external memory. The decision to do so in one way or another is completely subjective and it has more to do with the use that we will give to the phone. On another occasion, you expose the advantages and disadvantages these options.nd videos that we made with the phone.



transfer files using USB cable

One of the essential accessories that may offer all smartphone to buy it is a USB cable. In many cases, the USB part of the charger and it can be extracted from it. You not come with the device, any USB cable should be able to serve you, provided it is compatible with the port of your smartphone.

Download pictures from android phone to laptop

To transfer files, the first thing you have to do is connect your phone to the computer via the USB cable. So the connection is carried out effectively, you’ll surely have to activate the “USB debugging” option within the ‘Developer options’ section. When this option is not listed you, you should access “About the device” and press several times on “Build number”.

When the PC recognize the phone, the drivers will be automatically installed and then you will see a notification in the notification of the smartphone bar. If you used for logging in to this notification will be offered you the options to connect the smartphone in PTP mode or camera, that will allow us to transfer photos with the camera software or any file that does not support MTP, and multimedia device mode to transfer, as its name suggests, multimedia files.

At the same time, you will receive an indication on your PC screen indicates that the computer has detected the device. Instantly you a window to explore the archives of the smartphone. If it isn’t, you have rather than access to my computer and clicking on the icon of your smartphone. Once acedais to the memory of the same, do not have more to enter the folders containing files or pictures that you want to download, copy, and paste them into your PC.

Transfer files using Dropbox

The cloud storage is becoming increasingly popular in the Android universe by what surely is the method chosen by many to store your files. On the other hand, you not available USB, this would be the best alternative to transfer your files to your PC. All you need is internet access.

To pass files from the smartphone to the computer, you only have to download the Dropbox app on your mobile, go to the folder in which you want to save the files, click on the menu (the three dots to the right side of the top bar or the menu button on your smartphone) and then click on the option “Submit here”.

Download pictures from android phone to laptop

The display will show you a notification asking if you want to upload are photos and videos or other files. Then you will not have more than select the files and upload them.

Download pictures from android phone to laptop

You can download the Dropbox application from the link:
Then, you must open Dropbox on your computer, and select the files that you have uploaded so that they are downloaded on the PC.

Download pictures from android phone to laptop

By SD card how do you download pictures from android phone to computer

To pass the photos using the card SD is necessary to have an adapter and a computer with card reader.
To begin we must extract the SD card with security (you can see how remove the SD card from my mobile or tablet safely)
Once extracted the card, we will have to insert it into the adapter and insert it into the computer.
As has happened in the previous step, we will now have to find the DCIM folder and move the pictures to a computer

There are more options to move images and videos from the phone to the computer. As we have said, some manufacturers have their own aplicaciones-puente who of attendees at the timing, style which makes the famous Apple iTunes. In this sense, desktop – and browser – like Samsung Kies or HTC Sync solutions come to represent the response of these manufacturers some users need to maintain some order in the passage of the contents of the phone to the computer, and vice versa.

perform automatic backups of hosted mobile pictures and videos and view them from your computer. To do so, Dropbox utilities will be our best allies. And it is that as you already know, this cloud storage client includes a feature that, when activated after you download the application, synchronizes all content registered with the Chamber once the user puts the phone under cover of a compatible Wi-Fi network. If we have our Dropbox linked also with our computer account, as soon as we open our account you can access, without further delay, the photos a [banner_abajo]

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