Disable touch screen windows 8 surface pro

In this new small tutorial I show as surface pro 3 disable touch screen of your portable computer having operating system Windows 8.1 rt surface pro I hope you serve and if at the end are some doubts, do not hesitate to leave me a comment, happy to help in any way possible. Here we go.

This will basically be a small tip that we quickly show how to disable our touchscreen on our machine and also if we are using a Tablet, a Ultrabook or a desktop pc and microsoft surface disable touch.

Why do this , how to disable microsoft surface pro touch screen?

Honestly, this is a good question and I have seen many people making inquiries about how to disable this feature in their laptops and the reasons why want to do this, are very diverse. Let’s take a look at some.

Disable the touch screen of a Tablet, as the Surface 2, could be rather silly since it is your primary mode of entry, although this tip also works for this type of devices. If you are using a Ultrabook, this Council would like you lot. The main reason why many people seek to disable this function on their computers, is because even they are not accustomed to using a touch screen or are simply not a fan of using a touch screen. Others prefer to use a physical keyboard to save more battery, but this is something that we will have to check later. For now, let’s what we have.

At the end of the article I’d like you to share the reason why you want to disable the touch screen of your computer.

How to disable the touch screen in Windows 8.1 and how do i disable touchscreen on surface 3

Before you begin, I suggest you about having a physical keyboard or a mouse. These two peripherals will be input to the PC mode after having disabled the touch screen.

how to disable the touch screen on the surface pro 3 , Now, right click on the Start button and then open Device Manager either, we can find Device Manager on the homescreen of our Windows 8.1. I prefer to use the Finder Windows.

  • We select human interface devices
  • We are looking for a device with the words ‘Touch screen’.
  • We give you right click and select Disable.

And that would be all. You did disable the touch screen of your laptop? Tell us because.

If you do not get to understand some steps, here I leave a small video tutorial, I hope I helped. We are next up.


The majority of Windows 8 tablets come with one or more USB ports. These ports are useful to play certain games that are not optimized for screen multi-touch. To avoid accidentally touching the screen, you can disable the touch screen after connecting the keyboard and mouse to the tablet.


How to disable the touch features in Windows
With a few simple tricks follow, the possibility to disable the touch functions of our tablet with Windows 8.1 is the objective that we have raised us to do for now.

Of course, we have to take into account many aspects before beginning to perform this task, despite being a fully reversible process, certain drawbacks that require the user of your mobile device may occur (obviously, the tablet), take it to technical maintenance to bring it back to the original factory State. It is for this reason that we will then describe the reasons, motives, requirements and a few tools that we have at hand to be able to disable these touch functions on our tablet with Windows 8.1.

Microsoft came to integrate a special feature at the beginning of Windows 8, something that was easy to make and which relied on only having to use a small option in the Control Panel, place where you should select the “deactivation of the touchscreen”.

For some strange reason, Microsoft came to remove this feature, staying as a “little secret”, because despite not being visible feature, well you can use it is manually as we will indicate below:

  • Iniciar nuestro sistema operativo de Windows 8.1. Es necesario tener la más reciente actualización de este sistema operativo, por lo que te recomendamos realizarlo de acuerdo a lo que indicamos en un post anterior.
  • Hacer clic en el nuevo Botón de Inicio.
    De las opciones mostradas elegimos la que dice “Sistemas“.
  • Ahora seleccionamos el vínculo del lado superior izquierdo que dice “Administrador de Dispositivos“.
  • Desplegamos el contenido del grupo “Human Interface Device“.

Disable touch screen windows 8 surface pro

  • We locate the option shown in the image below and it is within this group.
  • We do click with our mouse right button.
  • The context menu chose the option that says “turn off”.
  • We confirm our action to close the window.

Disable touch screen windows 8 surface pro

The last steps suggested above are very important and we must take them into account before confirming the proposed action. This must to that user should be aware of what is going be, i.e., that in a few seconds more, touch this operating system features will be disabled completely.

Now, if we are to do this task required that we have at hand a keyboard and a mouse so the entire procedure can be reversible.

From the beginning when we proceed, we have connected both the keyboard and the mouse, since these accessories have to be identified and logically, installed with the respective drivers of Windows 8.1 in the tablet which we are operating.

For that reason I need a keyboard and mouse connected to the tablet?
As well, while the entire process may be it only using tactile functions, once they are disabled we have no option to re-enable them since the screen, will not recognize some kind of gesture that we do with our fingers.

Then, if at a given moment we want to activate these touch features in Windows 8.1, we must support both the keyboard and the mouse to navigate to the “Device Manager” and thus, back in the process.

It is worth mentioning, that the suggested process would be a temporary task, since at no time we would need a Tablet where its tactile functions are no longer present, as it is the main characteristic of one of these devices.

Using both the mouse and keyboard can return to the earlier suggested steps but now, in order to activate the touch functions again. [banner_abajo]

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