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Kaplan College is part of the Kaplan Higher Education Corporation (KHE), a division of Kaplan, Inc., which has a very important history in the education sector from the year 1938. Kaplan is home to 1 million students per year, including those who choose to pursue his studies online through Kaplan University.

Kaplan has numerous courses within the health sector and in nursing offers the following programs:

Certified Nursing Assistant
This program is designed for those people who enjoy working, and at the same time, helping those who need it. Increasingly there are more job opportunities in this field: the population is ageing and increasingly need more care and treatment. The Department of labour of the United States projected that up to the year 2014, this work will grow more than the average.

In the program learn practical knowledge and technical skills you need to be part of a health care team in a hospital or other health facility.

Diploma vocational nurse
With this diploma, you can be part of a team of nurses as a vocational nurse. Their duties range from the help of infants to the elderly, and usually report to the registered nurses (RN), and occasionally, physicians themselves.

Kaplan College offers practical and medical knowledge so that you can develop a career within the health sector.
Associate in nursing degree

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The healthcare industry is in continuous growth that, increasingly is most demanded that nurses have more training within the sector, and which can thus acquire other responsibilities. From hospitals to private clinics, nurses provide direct patient care, whether they are elderly or children.


The necessary training to be a nurse / or minimum an Associate Degree or Diploma in Nursing that will take a minimum of two years in complete. If you decide to make a nursing degree will take a minimum of four years, depending on the program, and of course, the urgency you have to graduate. After completing the courses, the Registered Nurses need to take an exam called NCLEX-RN performs Examining Board of Nursing to achieve National Registered Nurse License. It is also important to note that each state has its rules so that the license can vary from state to state.


Can a kind of courses take?

  • Human behavior, motivation, emotion and personality.
  • Anatomy and physiology of the human body including the skeleton, muscles, circulation, nerves and the respiratory system.
  • Pharmacology, including classification of medicines, assessments and information to the patient.
  • Techniques of leadership and management as a member of the profession.
    NCLEX-RN examination for license

Graduates of this program are eligible to take the test that gives them the license to practice as registered nurses.

Job opportunities

Graduate of an associate’s degree in nursing allows you to search for employment as a registered nurse once you pass the test to get your license. You can work as a nurse in different places such as:

  • Medical offices
  • Ambulatory care
  • Rehabilitation centers
  • Intensive care

Practical nursing diploma
If you want to start a career in the nursing sector, earning this degree can be a good start. You will learn the skills needed to engage in a sanitary environment through laboratories, traditional classes and practices.

After graduating from this program will assume responsibilities as: providing basic care to hospitalized patients, take vital signs, prepare and give injections, conduct routine tests in laboratories, record the process of intake of food and fluids of patients, among other tasks.
Kaplan College offers financial assistance to those students who qualify.

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