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Office 365, Microsoft alternative to Google Apps, which comes to fill that gap that exists in the market and that Microsoft had not so far well resolved. But now with the introduction of its pricing plans the battles for corporate users in the cloud begins.

Because so far had available on the market were on the one hand the Office Web Apps available to users with the help of Skydrive and the Microsoft Business Productivity Suite which incorporated the possibility for companies to provide online services such as Exchange, SharePoint, to mention some of the most interesting.

Give a more professional answer which takes elements of these two services and gathers in one only one of the best solutions that has Microsoft Office, Exchange and SharePoint with Office 365 and available online under the pay model puts them by subscription.

The best of Office 365 is that it facilitates the possibility of using online tools, but also take advantage of all the power of the tools installed on your desktop, in the traditional manner.

But this is only possible to fulfilling certain requirements. Only will work well the integration if you have Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista SP2 or Windows 7. Also, if we want it to integrate with the Office’s desktop version only will serve as a MS Office 2007 SP2 or MS Office 2010. It is also available for the Mac versions.

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All this if we want to, for example, access to a document and edit it in place from Word for once finalized the document save it on our SharePoint site or use Workspaces available for versions of Microsoft Office 2010 to upload documents to the intranet in a comfortable way.


An alternative so that documents that exist in the cloud in SharePoint be directly synchronized with a folder on our desktop. But also collaboration in real time in the issue of documents.


Office 365 vs. Google Apps
Now I would have to see if we need a solution of this type is by which opted us, Office 365 or Google Apps? I certainly have no doubt.

I’ll stick with Office 365. Only by SharePoint Online and the possibilities in regards to share documents, calendars, etc. And also to create our website is worth. Not to mention flows of work which is one of its strengths. Here Google works strong or has the losing battle.

In regard to price differences for the basic versions are minimal, a bit more expensive Office 365, but nothing that a company can not assume. If we go to versions for larger enterprises it is I think that here Microsoft competes with itself. That is, many organizations would like to bet on this model SaaS, but the alternative of Google just does not convince.

Whether we like it or not many enterprises have been married with Microsoft for years and it is a happy marriage, or at least enough to not break it and jump into the arms of Google Apps.

Why the alternative for them in Office 365 can be very well received. And the truth is that Google also sees this threat. Not in vain yesterday released an article in his blog for companies considering 365 reasons to use Google Apps, that chance. The truth is that in my opinion a hard competitor has left them.

Microsoft has been slow to make the leap into the cloud, but it has done really well. And the room for improvement that has is still large. Compatibility to take advantage of the Edition on local or online depending on the circumstances is a model that many companies were demanding that Google can not provide, for the time being. [banner_abajo]